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12 Sweet & Savory Snack Must Haves in Walt Disney World

12 Sweet & Savory Snack Must Haves in Walt Disney World

12 Sweet & Savory Must Have Snacks in Walt Disney World

When is comes to the Disney Parks, there is no shortage of delicious food waiting for you just around every corner. No seriously, there is. There are restaurants and snack carts strategically placed all around the parks to make it easy for you to grab a tasty snack whenever you get the urge. And that list of yummy treats keeps growing each year with the addition of new things. So how do you keep track? Well you really don’t. You can scour Instagram and your favorite blogs before your trip and make a list before you go. To help you in your planning , I’m sharing some of my favorite sweet & savory snacks. Hopefully, I’ll inspire you to try something new on your next trip. 

It’s not just the sweets that catch my attention either. While they definitely top my list, there are some other non-sweet snacks that are a must for me each trip.

So lets dig in shall we.

 12 Sweet & Savory Must Have Snacks in Walt Disney World

DOLE WHIP | Aloha Isle, Disney’s Magic Kingdom

I have to start my list with the Dole Whip. This is a must do on every single trip for me. Sometimes more than once. I love pineapple and with the Dole Whip Float I get plenty of pineapple goodness. And let’s be honest, on a hot day, there’s nothing that cools you off quite like a dole whip.

12 Sweet & Savory Must Have Snacks in Walt Disney World


My husband is a big fan of Joffrey’s Coffee and he’s always stopping at the various stands throughout the parts to grab a cup. It wasn’t until our trip last year that we noticed the donuts.

12 Sweet & Savory Must Have Snacks in Walt Disney World

Naturally, they’ve quickly become a favorite of my donut loving daughter.

12 Sweet & Savory Must Have Snacks in Walt Disney World

NIGHT BLOSSOM | Pongu Pongu Lounge, Disney’s Animal Kingdom 

During DisneySMMC, we were treated to an extra special pre-dawn breakfast in Pandora. We got a chance to ride the rides, had a delicious breakfast all before the park opened. But the one thing I was looking forward to most was the Night Blossom drink. Trust me when I tell you, it tastes as good as it looks. If you’re really adventurous, you can get it with rum. For research purposes, I tried both and they’re both delicious.

12 Sweet & Savory Must Have Snacks in Walt Disney World


Whether you’re a fan of the rose gold craze or not, we have to admit these cupcakes are sure pretty. This is one of nine varieties available throughout Walt Disney World and it definitely tastes as good as it looks.


MICKEY ICE CREAM BAR | Multiple Snack Cart Locations throughout the Parks 

Well this one is a given. I mean a Mickey Ice Cream Bar is a staple of just about everyone’s Disney trips. In fact, I have yet to find a person who doesn’t love them.

STRAWBERRY FRUIT BAR | Multiple Snack Cart Locations throughout the Parks

Funny story with these. The first time I had one of the Strawberry Fruit Bars from the ice cream carts was back in 2014. I was pregnant with Evie and we were on our first trip to Disneyland. I was hot, I was feeling sick and I needed a break. So while the boys were off riding Big Thunder Mountain for the 467th time (I’m pregnant so I can’t ride), I grabbed one from the vendor carts. One bite and I was in heaven. I never tasted strawberry fruit bar quite like this one. Usually they have an artificial taste and I’m just not usually a fan. I saved the wrapper, they were made by a company called Helados de Mexico. I made sure to eat my weights worth before our trip was over and when I got home ran to everything store looking for them. No one had them. So then I hit all the Spanish markets in Trenton, thinking I’d definitely find them there. Nothing. I emailed the company desperate to find them. Finally months later I found them at Big Lots, and now thankfully my local Walmart carries them so I can get my fix whenever I want. But while we were in Disney 2 weeks ago, my daughter asked for one and I noticed that now Walt Disney World carries this brand too!  So if you haven’t tried one lately, TRY ONE! You won’t be disappotined.

**NOTE TO DISNEY: Please don’t ever switch vendors. These are amazing and I’m so glad to see both parks carrying them now**

12 Sweet & Savory Must Have Snacks in Walt Disney World

KAKIGORI | Japan Pavilion, Epcot

I don’t know how, in all my trips, I’ve missed this delicious snack. At this little stand in the Japan Pavilion this tasty treat awaits. They have several flavors – cherry, strawberry, melon, tangerine, blue raspberry and Rainbow. It’s oh so delicious. It’s basically a flavored shaved ice and under $5 it’s definitely worth the treat.

12 Sweet & Savory Must Have Snacks in Walt Disney World

EMPANADAS | Chozo de Margarita Mexico Pavilion, Epcot

No matter where I’m traveling, if empanadas are on the menu, you can be sure I’m ordering them. These empanadas did not disappoint. They were full of flavor and could almost be a meal themselves, if my kids weren’t fighting me for them.

12 Sweet & Savory Must Have Snacks in Walt Disney World

NACHOS | Mexico Pavilion, Epcot

The nachos are so yummy. Topped with ground beef, nacho cheese, tomatoes, beans, jalapeños and sour cream, these are definitely a crowd pleaser and a favorite of my kids.

12 Sweet & Savory Must Have Snacks in Walt Disney World

MARGARITAS |  Choza de Margarita, Mexico Pavilion, Epcot

Since it was National Margarita Day while we were there, I had to try one of the margarita from Choza de Margarita. It was hard to make a choose with so many different options. In the end, I went with Passion Mango Frozen Margarita. Made with Tequila blanco, orange liqueur, wild passion fruit and mango puree it was a delicious choice. Definitely making my must try list.

POPCORN | Multiple Snack Cart Locations Throughout the Parks

There’s just something about Disney popcorn. It tastes, I don’t know, more magical? In all seriousness, their popcorn is SO much better than any popcorn I have around here. Plus I’m always a sucker for the cute popcorn containers. I have two kitchen cabinets full of them to back that claim up!

12 Sweet & Savory Must Have Snacks in Walt Disney World

BEIGNETS | Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter

Now there’s only one place in Walt Disney World to get these delicious bites of heaven and that’s at  Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory, the counter service restaurant at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter. But trust me when I say they’re worth the trip over there.

Which one is your favorite?


12 Sweet and Savory Snack Must Haves at Walt Disney World

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