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3 Ways to Prioritize Self-Care this Spring

3 Ways to Prioritize Self-Care this Spring

Spring is here and if you’ve been putting off taking care of yourself while taking care of others, this post is for you. 3 simple ways to prioritize your self-care this Spring. 

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As moms, most of us are guilty of putting off our needs while in the midst of taking care of everyone else in the family. From our spouses, kids, pets and house duties it’s easy to see why we’re left with no time to prioritize our needs. These 3 simple tips will hopefully help you start making yourself a priority again.


I was one of those people who thought my walking from the car to the house with my grocery bags was enough exercise for me. I truly didn’t see how exhausting my body for a workout was actually going to make me feel better. 

That was until I started putting the work in. When we adopted Ellie, I knew my fitness regime was getting a huge makeover. Daily walks around the blog quickly turned into 2+ mile walks through the park and despite some back and knee issues that leave me struggling at the end, I actually do feel better.  

So much better that when it’s a rainy day and I don’t get that walk in, I miss it and start craving it. So this is your reminder to start small but just start. 

Start with a walk around the block and gradually increase it from there. You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel in just a short time. All those fitness bloggers are right! 

It’s important to remember when you feel your best, you can be your best self to handle everyone else in the family. Between walking and working in my garden daily, I make it a priority to get my body moving.

With exercising comes another major component, your diet. That’s a post for another day but healthy eating is so, so important. Exercising is great but if you’re struggling with inflammation, fatigue and hormonal imbalances nothing is going to change until you start feeding your body what it needs.

And what you can’t get through the food you regularly eat, you supplement. One product I’m loving right now is Daily Gems. 

Daily Gems was founded in 2017 by Sara Cullen. She was plagued with many of the same issues I struggle with on a daily basis,  severe inflammation, hormonal imbalances, breakouts and adrenal fatigue.

After months of trial and error, she discovered she just wasn’t getting the nutrition that she needed. Sara turned to the supplement aisle for a solution but was met with artificial, overly processed and mislabeled junk. Stuff you do not want to be consuming. 

The more she learned about the vitamin industry, the more she realized that our food system— and the vitamin industry that’s dependent on it— has been designed with someone and something else in mind. She decided to create her own plant-based vitamin alternative. She wanted to help people reap the benefits of superfoods and adaptogens like detoxifying chlorella, energizing spirulina, and stress-relieving ashwagandha, in a convenient format we as humans understand— real food.

GEM, founded in 2018, is designed under the simple philosophy that food is medicine. Many of today’s supplements are filled with more nonsense than truth. More filler than substance. GEM is daily nutrition straight from its source: whole food.

GEM Supplements are available is 3 nourishing varieties: 

Daily Essentials (Peppermint, Lemon or Cacao): aids in energy, balance, and clarity with B-vitamins, supergreens, and adaptogens. This is our most earthy tasting and each is flavored naturally with either lemon oil or peppermint oil, or cocoa powder and cacao chunks. There is a mild sweetness because of the date and coconut base, with a chewy, seedy texture.

Daily Essentials (Ginger/Citrus): This is the variety I’m currently using. It aids in digestion, mood, and immunity with probiotics, D3, zinc, and turmeric. These bites are slightly sweet with a dense, chewy texture. Expect a bright pop of citrus and a hint of spice thanks to cardamom and ginger, and a bright orange hue due to natural coloring from turmeric

Daily Sleep Essential (Cherry Chocolate): helps you sleep! These bites have a rich chocolate flavor from cocoa powder and crunchy cacao nibs, a hint of tartness from dried cherries, and a slightly sweet chewy texture from dates and pumpkin seeds

Since we’re all different and our bodies have different needs, you can take the recommended 1 bite per day (but no more than 3 bites). There are many different factors that can determine how the bites affect you and how often you take them.  Your health prior to starting GEM, your diet and lifestyle can all impact how soon you’ll see the benefits. You may notice improvements in just a few days, while for others it can take as long as a few weeks.

Ready to try GEM, the plant-based multivitamin for yourself? Use this code TRYGEM22 for 50% off your first purchase of GEM Daily Essentials. Click here to learn more:


Since we’re talking about diet and exercise, lets talk a little about staying hydrated. Water is great but if you’re anything like me and don’t enjoy water as is, don’t fret and don’t add any of those fake, sugary syrups to your water for flavor. 

Try a simple lemon and dash of salt. Real salt NOT table salt. This is what helped me kick a 10+ year soda addiction. 

But when I’m craving something a little more. Instead of reaching for soda, I’m loving Wonder Melon. Have you heard of them before? 

Wonder Melon created a functional beverage with the flavor everyone loves and the best part? They’re made with less than 5 clean ingredients.

Wondermelon Cucumber Basil and Wondermelon Lemon Cayenne are  incredibly refreshing and made with a blend of 100% organic, cold pressed juice that are certified fair trade and kosher.

This juices are expertly blended REAL juices and only 100 calories a bottle.

Visit to learn more and try some for yourself.


Finding a way to bring a little relaxation to your day will do wonders for your well-being. Whether that means taking a relaxing epsom salt bath, scheduling time for a mani/pedi or just a bubble bath with your favorite products from Tree Hut. 

Tree Hut never skimps on good ingredients, so the result is soft, smooth skin every time.

Right now I’m loving their Brightening Sugar Face Scrub with Pineapple, Papaya, AHA. It helps awaken, brighten and smooth tired-looking skin to reveal a refreshed, radiant complexion. Pineapple, Papaya Enzymes and Alpha Hydroxy Acid work together with gentle, natural Sugar granules to awaken, brighten and smooth skin.

Plus Tree Hut Brightening Pineapple & Papaya Face Scrub is paraben free, vegan, cruelty-free, sulfate free, alcohol free and contains no formaldehyde donors. What’s not to love? 

You can find Tree Hut products here  Happy Shopping! 

How do you practice self-care?