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8 Reasons an RV Adventure is the Getaway You’re Looking For

8 Reasons an RV Adventure is the Getaway You’re Looking For

8 Reasons an RV Adventure is the Getaway You’re Looking For

8 Reasons an RV Adventure is the Getaway You're Looking For

Over the years, we’ve had some pretty epic adventures through this blog. Traveling and exposing my children to new things is a priority of mine and as they get older, I’m putting more and more our our time and money into travel than I am material things. The memories we create through our adventures is something that they’ll be able to cherish long after those toys are gone. Last year, we all did something that was new to us we set out on an epic adventure in an RV. You can read my full recap here. This trip was one the kids still talk about almost daily. If you’re looking for a totally unique experience that your family will cherish, here are 8 reasons an RV adventure might just be the getaways you’re looking for.

This post is in partnership with GoRVing. All opinions are my own.

Historically, camping is not something our family has ever done. Growing up neither one of our families had ever thought about camping. I didn’t travel at all growing up and the only place my husband went was to Puerto Rico to visit family. Growing up, our hispanic families just didn’t camp.

Today, I want to change that. I want to encourage everyone whether you’ve camped before or not to give it a try this year! You might just be surprised and find yourself a new hobby!


Now while I wasn’t completely unplugged (I did need to document our trip) we were all unplugged from the TV, tablets and games and even our phones except for the moments I shared our trip. I honestly can’t remember the last time we were all free of technology like that. It almost felt as if time slowed down, if even for those few days and that alone is priceless. We were able to just do simple things like sitting around the fire and roast marshmallows or go crabbing on the dock. It’s crazy how connected and dependent on our devices we have become in a relatively short amount of time. So this was nice to actually be in the moment with each other.

Go RVing at The Resort at Massey's Landing


Growing up both my husband and I lived in the city. Camping was not something either of our families did let alone camping in an RV. After we booked our trip we both kind of looked at each other and said “what did we do” . When we travel we’re used to hotels. If something goes wrong, we can just call maintenance and have them fix it. In an RV,  we are the ones who need to fix it. We’re the ones who have to set the fire and cook. It was such an experience for us. Life changing is one way to describe it. We both learned so many new things about travel and ourselves on our RV adventure. Things that we never thought we could do, we did. It’s given us a sense of accomplishment that we pushed outside our comfort zones and learned something new.


Let’s be honest, an RV vacation is cool for us adult but imagine how exciting it is for the kids. They’re in a house on wheels. If they’re anything like my kids, they’ll still be talking about it a year later. Depending on your itinerary, they’ll get to see all kinds of new places. They’ll meet new people and try new things. An RV adventure is definitely the trip of a lifetime for kids.


I had one, and only one, experience tent camping. My husband had to work, my son was in Cub Scouts and somehow I signed up to be a leader. What was I thinking?! I needed to lead by example so camping we went. It was a struggle getting that tent up but I did it. Then there were the bugs. And the ticks. The outside of our tent was covered in them. Not to mention having to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and stumbling through the dark camp grounds only to gag when I entered the outdoor potty. All those boys (half of whom clearly were not potty trained correctly) marked their territory and the smell was horrifying.

8 Reasons an RV Adventure is the Getaway You're Looking For

Needless to say, it’s not something I ever wanted to do again. Thankfully RVing is nothing like that. Depending on your model, the push up a button opens and sets up the RV. The bugs are kept on the outside just like a regular car. You have an indoor bathroom (clean) that only your family is using.

You don’t have to try and put your toddler down for a nap in a hot tent, instead you have an air conditioned RV complete with a bed and other sleeping areas.

It’s a mobile hotel!


Well, almost. But an RV adventure definitely doesn’t leave to stuck in one spot. You have a vacation spot on wheels to take you just about anywhere. Maybe you want to go camping in one of the National Parks an RV lets you do that. Maybe you want something more, secluded. With the right planning, an RV is perfect for that all while still be protected from the elements.  Maybe you want something a little more luxurious and a luxury campground would be perfect for that. Maybe you want all of that, then the RV lifestyle is definitely for you.


We love to go fishing and I try to at least incorporate a little fishing into all of our trips. If we were tent camping, our SUV or car would have been filled with our tent and supplies leaving little room for anything else. With an RV we had plenty of room for our fishing poles and gear with room to spare.

Want to bring your kayak? They’re probably room (depending on your model). A chronic over packer? Don’t worry over pack as much as you need, there will be room and you don’t have to worry about excessive luggage fees!


For first time campers, truth be told, the idea of cooking all our food on a fire was, well a little unappetizing. With an RV, we had an actual kitchen space complete with an oven, stove and microwave. That made dinner options a lot more easier. Especially traveling with a toddler and a picky eater. I knew I could at least cook dinners like I do at home for them.

8 Reasons an RV Adventure is the Getaway You're Looking For

Save the fire pit for s’mores!


Traveling with pets can sometimes be tricky. Not all places are pet friendly, especially hotels and resorts. So if you want to bring your four legged friends on vacation with you, an RV is a great choice! Most campgrounds are pet friendly (always researching the rules to where you’re heading) and now your pets can join you in the fun. Plus it saves on the cost of boarding your pets while you’re away.

We recently adopted 2 cats and I’d love to bring them on vacation with us. I wish we had them last year, I would have totally brought them along!

8 Reasons an RV Adventure is the Getaway You're Looking For

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