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A gross dessert

Yup…it’s a cake!!  Our Cub Scout pack had their Blue & Gold dinner last night and they had a cub/parent dessert contest with 5 categories.  Of course my son wanted to enter the “Grossest Dessert” category!    I really had no idea what I was going to make so I googled “gross desserts” and found a bunch!  His favorite was the kitty litter cake.  After looking at the recipes, (they all called for a cake and pudding mixture that I am sure is yummy but we’re not big pudding people over here) I decided just to bake a regular  cake in a disposable aluminum cake pan (13×9).    It only took a few supplies to make.   Cake mix, icing, oreos (or any vanilla cookie, green food coloring and tootsie rolls

Once the cake was done and cooled I added the icing.    Next, we emptied all the Oreos into a ziploc bag except for 6-7.  Then we smashed them with a hammer to mash them up.   The seven that we kept aside we smashed in a baggie too and when those were all smashed up we added a few drops of green food coloring to the bag and mixed it up.    Once that was done we mixed up both bags of crumbs in a bowl and then spooned it on top of the cake to look like litter.    Now to the fun part….the cat poop!    I lined up about 12 mini tootsie rolls on plate and microwaved them for about 10 seconds on 50% power.  That made them soft enough to mold   (if they are not soft enough just add another 10 seconds)  and we just shaped them into a cat poop shape. 
We did this a few times until we had enough turds for the cake.   Once they were added to the top, I set the pan inside a clear container lined with a clear trash bag I had to look like the litter box (I had a real hard time finding a small litter box.  The only ones I could find were really big and I didn’t want the cake pan to be that noticeable.    Finally I added the pooper scooper (a brand new one!!)  to the side with a tootsie turd on it and we were done!!  All in all very easy to make and very gross to look at but the kids loved it!!