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A Ninjago Birthday Party

So this year my son wanted a Ninjago party for his birthday.  We decided on having it a local karate studio but since you can’t buy Ninjago themed party supplies I started looking around the internet for ideas to help plan this party.  There are plenty of great ideas out there for Ninjago parties that I found by surfing the internet or looking on Pinterest… are some of the ideas we went with. 

First….I’ll start with the favors.  I knew I wanted to use chinese take out containers for the favors…..I thought that would be just too cute and I really loved how they came out.   

I found all the images doing a Google search for Ninjago and found the ones I like the best and went with those.   Then I personalized them with “Ninja ______”  to give them a more personal feel.   I just opened the image in paint and then added the text.   I also personalized the little treat bag toppers that went inside each box.  Each box contained a little treat bag with some candy, a fortune cookie and these Lego Ninjago sets I picked up a Target on clearance a few months ago!  I made the bag topper in Excel and sized it to the size I needed for the bags and then just inserted the image.  
Some of the images I saved I printed on label paper and  cut out using a circle punch and stuck them to the sides of the boxes. 
Next, I made personalized water bottle labels.  I used the same images I had saved from earlier and just added the text…..
I also stuck some of the printed circles I used on the boxes to the juice boxes to spruce them up a bit!

Next up I made Ninjago pops….all the kids seemed to LOVE these!!

These were pretty easy to make.  I just took a tootsie pop and covered it in black or red crepe paper from the dollar store, then I cut out the Ninjago eyes from some of the images I saved and glued them on.  Very easy and very cute!!
Lastly, I made a cupcake stand from trays from the dollar store, more crepe paper and a Sensei Wu topper. 

All in all …I loved how everything turned out and the birthday boy couldn’t have been happier with everything and that made me one happy momma!!