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Angry Birds Crafts – DIY Angry Birds Hair Clips

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Angry Birds 2 movie. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

Angry Bird Blu-ray Disc and DIY hair clips

Are you kids obsessed with Angry Birds like mine are? To celebrate the release of Angry Birds 2  on Blu-ray November 12th, we decided to get a little crafty for our movie night! Since my daughter loves playing with her hair and styling it all different ways, it came as no surprise that she wanted  to make Angry Bird hair clips inspired by characters from the movie. These DIY Angry Birds hair clips are SO easy to make my five year old practically did them by herself! 

I love creating fun projects or recipes for our movie nights and this was no different! They’d be fun to make at a Angry Birds birthday party or slumber party!

Girl sitting on couch with cat and Angry Birds movie

Pick up a copy of the Blu-ray or download the digital copy, grab the supplies and popcorn and you’re all set for a epic movie night!

So you’ll need a few supplies to get you started:

  • A copy of The Angry Birds 2 movie
  • Red Hair Clips
  • Green Headband
  • White Hair Clips
  • Foam sheets from the craft store in lime green, black and orange
  • Googly eyes (the larger size)

Angry Birds hair clips supplies

To make Red:

Cut out thick eyebrows for his eyes from the black foam sheet and a beak from the orange

Using fabric glue or a hot glue gun attach the google eyes to the center of the bow

Then glue on his eyebrows and his nose.

That’s it! Super simple!

Woman holding angry birds movie dvd


Cut out a green oval shape from the foam sheet about 2 inches in size.

Cut out another one for his nose about a 1 inch.

angry bird hair clips supplies

Cut out two nostrils from the black foam board and glue them all together.

Glue on two google eyes on the sides of the nose.

Using your hot glue gun glue the piggy onto a white bow. If you use a bow with a clip, then you’ve made a clip.

My daughter wanted a headband for this one so we used a bow without a clip and glued the bow right onto the headband.

Voila! Two Angry Birds hair clips!

Angry Birds Hair Clips with Blu-ray disc

This super simple craft doesn’t take up a lot of time so you can enjoy your new hair clips while you watch the movie!

Girl sitting on couch with Angry Birds Blu-ray disc and cat

Bring home The Angry Birds 2 movie on digital today or pick up the Blu-ray this Tuesday!