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California Pizza Kitchen Scout Tour

Did you know California Pizza Kitchen does Scout tours?   I didn’t either until recently but they do and they are free!  As a Cub Scout Den Leader, I know how important it is to find fun activities for the boys   while not spending a fortune at the same time.    This one was definitely a hit.  
  We started off by meeting at the restaurant before they opened to the public.    Our waitress came out, took the scouts drink orders and we waited for everyone to arrive.    Once everyone was there, they brought out the personal pizzas and toppings and each scout was able to create their own pizza masterpiece.    Once they were done, the pizzas were whisked away to cook and our tour of the restaurant started.    
The scouts toured the freezer, the kitchen and each station where the food was cooked.  After the tour, we returned to our table and they were each presented with a goodie bag or should I say goodie box.      Each scout was given a mini pizza box with an assortment of goodies inside.    How cute is that?!

Inside were crayons (you can see they were used to decorate the boxes while we waited), a coupon for a free kids meal on our next visit, some coupons for local attractions.

But most importantly a patch.  If you have a scout at home, you know how important patches are to these kids! 
Once their pizzas were done cooking, they brought them out for the kids to eat.

and they even had the choice of a brownie or ice cream sundae for dessert.  
It was a great tour and the boys had lots of fun learning making their pizzas and seeing behind the scenes of a restaurant.  
Thank you California Pizza Kitchen for this great program!! 
Check out California Pizza Kitchen’s website to find a location near you and schedule your own scout tour!