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Take Leftovers from Drab to Fab with This Chicken Parmesan Flatbread Pizza

Take Leftovers from Drab to Fab with This Chicken Parmesan Flatbread Pizza

Whoever said leftovers were boring definitely did not think outside the box! Take your leftover Chicken Parmesan and turn it into a delicious second meal with this Chicken Parmesan Flatbread Pizza recipe!

Chicken Chicken Parmesan Flatbread Pizza Slices

This is a sponsored post in partnership with On-Cor. All opinions are my own.

If you’ve ever struggled with what to make for dinner or what to do with last night’s leftovers, you’re not alone. In fact,most of my friends who I polled don’t really know what to do with leftovers besides just heating them up and serving them again. While that’s the easiest thing to do, those of us with kids know it’s not that easy sometimes. That’s why I turned one of our favorite easy dinners of On-Cor’s 6 Breaded Chicken Parmagiana Patties with Tomato Sauce into this yummy Chicken Parmesan Flatbread Pizza. 

My kids are the first ones to let out the “we just had that for dinner last night” groans. So when it comes to leftovers, I like to spice things up a bit!

On-Cor Chicken Parmesan Box and Pizza

The great thing about this recipe is it takes only minutes to throw together and it’s a delicious meal you can count on the whole family loving.

It’s great for those busy nights where you want a delicious dinner but can’t find the time in your schedule to make something from scratch.

I get it. Between dance class, gymnastics and all my teen’s activities dinner-time is hard. Worrying about a dinner that takes hours to make is something most of us don’t really have time for.

Chicken Parmesan Flatbread Pizza close up

Those nights call for a delicious dinner from On-Cor. On-Cor does the prep work, so you can take care of other to-do’s that need to-doing.

The multi-serve entrée products feature popular flavors and varieties, giving us a reason to come to the dinner table. The frozen, fully cooked entrées are conveniently packaged and ready to just heat and serve. I love to keep my freezer stocked with them.

From hearty entrées to microwave favorites, convenience has never tasted so delicious. No frills, no fancy. Just really, really good food.

On-Cor Chicken Parmesan Box and Pizzas on pan

On-Cor is literally just a freezer away for an always easy, always satisfying and always ready solution for “one of those nights.” And in this family, we have “one of those nights” a few times a week.

This mama loves that On-Cor’s packaging makes it super easy for me to understand exactly what I’m feeding my family and I feel good knowing all their entrées have no monosodium glutamate (MSG) added.

On-Cor Chicken Parmesan on Cutting board

On those nights that there are actually leftovers from your On-Cor dinner, spice things up and whip up this easy Chicken Parmesan Flatbread Pizza. It is perfect for an easy weekend lunch too!

You’ll just need a few ingredients for a delicious dinner that’ll have everyone begging for more!

Flatbread Pizzas on Pan

Simply add a little pizza sauce to your store bought flatbreads and top with chopped On-Cor Chicken Parmesan pieces, mozzarella cheese and scoops of ricotta cheese.

Bake in the over for about 15 minutes and dinner is served!

Chicken Parmesan Flatbread Pizza with Pizza cutter

For your next family meal, head to the freezer aisle of your local retailer. Check out the store locator HERE to pick up an On-Cor entrée.