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Chocolate Easter Bunny Wreath

I can’t believe Easter is only a week away…..where does the time go!  We have been so busy around here I’ve lost track of time but I figured I’d better get on here and update some of the things we have been working on!  Anyone who knows me, knows I love to decorate for holidays…and Easter is no exception!! Two of my favorite things to decorate with are faux chocolate bunnies and Peter Rabbit!    Here is a little wreath that I made last weekend.   

Again this was a pretty cheap project compared to the prices of ones I seen online!   I started with another wreath from dollar tree (if I did it again I would use a foam wreath but I couldn’t find any at AC Moore when I was there and  I wasn’t going to drive all over to look for one) and some ribbon.    I wrapped the ribbon around the wreath so it was smooth when I started wrapping the yarn. 

Next I just started wrapping the yarn around. 
The next part was making the little flowers for the side.  I used 3 pieces of brown felt. I did make 2 different size circles.  One the size of a glass and some larger (I traced a large can of Lysol wipes)
 Once the circles were cut out, I cut starting at the edge all the way to the center.
Starting with the pointy outside end, I just rolled it all the way up to the center and added a little glue to the bottom to hold it in place.  When they were done, they looked like this:
Then I hot glued them to the wreath down the side and bottom
Next came my favorite part…the faux chocolate bunny.    I had some crayola model magic left over from a project my son did …and being impatient like I am ….I didn’t want to wait for the stuff I ordered to come in to make these chocolate bunnies so I used the model magic instead.  I’m happy with how it came out for this project ….the back of the bunny is all lumpy from pressing so hard to get it in the mold…..but you can’t see the back on this and I was really excited to see how it would come out so that is what I went with….and it worked (I really didn’t think it would).  It dried and I spray painted it with Valspar Roasted Coffee.  This is the perfect color for chocolate bunnies….and the chocolate eggs I made….but that’s another post!
and then I just hot glued him onto the wreath and that is it. 
Here is the finished project hanging on the wall…..this isn’t his final home but just so you can see.

Stay tuned for my tutorial on how to make faux chocolate bunnies……