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Create a Travel Bucket List + FREE Printable

Do you have a travel bucket list? Create one with this printable travel bucket list and start living your travel dreams.

Create your own travel bucket list

Have you ever made a travel bucket list? If you’re like most people I know you at least think of all the places you’d like to visit and things you’d like to do, but have you ever written it down? Somewhere where you can look at it often, dream about it and work it into reality. Every year for the blog and in my personal life, I create a vision board and add to my travel bucket list – a list of places I want to visit in the coming years. I’m a firm believer in speaking your dreams into existence. Having a place to see your travel goals on a daily basis makes sure they’re not forgotten or pushed to the side. A travel bucket list helps give you the motivation to make your travel dreams become reality.

Growing up, we didn’t travel. Aside from an occasional day trip to the Jersey Shore, traveling just wasn’t something we did. My father didn’t believe in traveling for whatever reason and even though my mother grew up traveling with her parents she just kind of accepted that he wasn’t into traveling and we never went anywhere.

Create your own travel bucket list

Giraffe feeding at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

My first trip ever was to Paradise Island in the Bahamas. My step-dad loved to travel and got my mom hooked when they got married. He made it a point to take my sister and I to The Atlantis for our first ever vacation. From that moment I was hooked on traveling.

Once I had kids, I knew I wanted my kids to enjoy traveling and I wanted to give them all the experiences I didn’t have, whether it was a trip to an exotic island or a road trip to the Poconos. I just wanted us to travel together.

Create your own travel bucket list

Surf fishing in The Outer Banks


It’s easy to say “oh, I want to visit Alaska” or “in a few years we’ll travel to Europe” but life gets in the way, months turn into years and those travel goals get pushed further and further away. With a tangible travel bucket list, you can easy see your goals on a deals on a daily basis.

Being reminded of them often helps you stay focused on achieving them.  Your bucket list easily becomes you’re travel goals.  It becomes a place where you can plan them into existence and once you’ve achieved them, you can check them off and replace them with something else.

Create your own travel bucket list


Planning a travel bucket list let’s you get creative in your travels. Maybe you’ve always wanted to visit The Grand Canyon or somewhere on the opposite side of the country but for whatever circumstances you might need a different way to get there. You might find a road trip or trip in an RV  is the perfect way for you to get there.

Or maybe you want to visit Alaska but are overwhelmed with the planning that goes into it. You might find that a cruise to Alaska is the perfect way for you to visit.

Create your own travel bucket list

Up close with whales in Alaska


A travel bucket list gives you something to look forward to. Travel goals and I know I always work harder when I have a list of goals I want to achieve. It’s no different with a travel bucket list.

Create your own travel bucket list

Writing your travel goals down is the first step to making them come true. Once you have the goals, you can work on saving and planning to make these goals come true.


Now that you’ve read this far, why not make your own travel bucket list with this printable travel bucket list! It can be anything you want. Dream big or start small. Write down your travel goals, where you want to go and set a date you hope to achieve them by. Cross them off as you go and get out there and explore!

Click the picture to print out a copy

Print it out, fill it in and hang it somewhere you won’t forget it and start working towards your travel goals.

What would your travel bucket list say?


Jersey Girl Cooks

Saturday 5th of January 2019

Thanks for reminding me to make some travel goals! I love to travel too and now I will have a list for 2019 and beyond.


Monday 7th of January 2019

Setting travel goals is so important! Glad the list came in handy for you! :)