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Everything You Need to Know About Disney’s Minnie Van Service

Everything You Need to Know About Disney’s Minnie Van Service NOW available at ALL Disney Resorts AND from MCO! #DisneySMMC #MinnieVans

Everything You Need to Know About Disney's Minnie Van Service

BREAKING NEWS – As of June 29, 2022, Minnie Vans™ are back at Walt Disney World! 

GREAT NEWS!! As of today, June 1st, Disney’s Minnie Van Service through the Lyft App is available at ALL Disney Resorts! This is great news for guests staying on property while visiting Walt Disney World!! 

By now you’ve probably heard of, or at least seen photos of Disney’s Minnie Van Service. Launched late last year, the Minnie Vans are a fun way for guests to get around the Walt Disney World Resort in a jiffy. I knew going into our trip that I just had to take a ride in one of Disney’s Minnie Vans. I mean, it’s a car decked out like my girl Minnie, this girl had to go for a ride. So I bet you’re wondering, is it worth the hype? Is it worth the cost? Well, let me tell you all about it!

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World | David Roark, photographer

Besides that the fact that it’s a fun way to get around, is it really worth the extra money one way for a ride?

In one word, absolutely.

Now I’ve only stayed in a monorail resort once but I’m pretty well versed in the monorail and bus transportation system in Walt Disney World. There are some trips that it’s been a smooth ride and others we’ve waited our fair share of time for a bus.

Everything You Need to Know About Disney's Minnie Van Service

We may have even missed a dining reservation or two over the years waiting for a bus. So having another option like the Minnie Vans is a nice touch.

The first night we tried the Minnie Van service was after our dinner at Chef Mickey’s. I could only score a 9:15pm dinner and by the time we were done it was almost 10 pm. I had a few options, take the monorail back to the Magic Kingdom and wait for a bus, walk over to the Magic Kingdom from the Contemporary and wait for the bus or call a Minnie Van.

Everything You Need to Know About Disney's Minnie Van Service

I figured the bus line would be packed with everyone leaving the park so I went for the Minnie Van. After spending the entire day in the parks then a late dinner, my toddler just wasn’t going to wait long with the crowds to Geta bus to our hotel. If she did, there surely would have been a meltdown.

Everything You Need to Know About Disney's Minnie Van Service

I was surprised with how simple it was. We downloaded the Lyft app onto our phones and requested the Minnie Van right through the app. It was SO EASY and within minutes we were on our way back to our resort.

Truthfully, I may have been a little spoiled with how simple the process was. The wait time was minimal (under 10 minutes), and it was nice to not have to worry about standing up on a packed bus while holding a sleepy toddler. I loved it so much, I used it again the next morning for our breakfast at ‘Ohana.

Disney Minnie Van Service


First you need to download the Lyft app to your smartphone. Once you have the app downloaded, you’ll see a list of the available vehicles and the Minnie Van should be one of them. (It didn’t show up for me at first and a quick trip to the front desk at the Contemporary fixed it for me).

Everything You Need to Know About Disney's Minnie Van Service

Once it populated on the app, I clicked on the Minnie Van and it paged a driver for us.

Everything You Need to Know About Disney's Minnie Van Service

It gave us an estimated time (9 minutes) and the number of the vehicle that would be arriving to pick us up.

Once it arrived, the driver came over to greet us and install the car seat for Evie. Each Minnie Van has two Graco car seats in the trunk should you need them. When I asked the driver about the car seats, he explained to me that each driver goes through an extensive car seat training course certifying them to install the seats. Having a little one with us, that was nice to hear.

Once the seat was installed, we loaded in and headed on our way back to Caribbean Beach Resort. We were dropped off right at our building and honestly it couldn’t have been easier. At that time of night, it was well worth the $25 we paid to not have to wait for the bus.

Disney Minnie Van Service


  • Every Minnie Van driver is a Disney Cast Member
  • The service will drive you wherever you want to go around Walt Disney World Resort and to MCO for pickups and drops offs (see below)
  • Disney’s Minnie Van service has expanded to the Orlando International Airport for ALL guests.
  • The Minnie Van service runs from 7:00 am – 11:59 am
  • There are 2 wheel chair accessible Minnie Vans in the fleet currently
  • The Minnie Vans are either a 2017 or 2018 Chevy Traverse
  • You have to be staying at a resort they pick up at to unlock the Minnie Van in the Lyft app (but if it doesn’t show, a quick trip to the front desk will get it taken care of for you)

Everything You Need to Know About Disney's Minnie Van Service


The Minnie Vans are Chevy Traverses. Each vehicle is wrapped in red vinyl with giant white polka dots for the Minnie look. We had a ride in both of them. Each vehicle holds up to 6 passengers and they have car seats in the trunk for any little ones you might be traveling with. The vehicles were spotless despite being used to transport guests all day long.

Disney Minnie Van Service


At the time I used the Minnie Vans, they were a flat rate of $25 which was very reasonable for the convenience. Since then, they have switched to distance based pricing now. So depending on the distance traveled from the pick-up location to the requested destination, your price will vary.

You can easily see the total cost of the ride, and pay for it directly, through the Lyft app.

Disney Minnie Van Service


Minnie Van availability is now available at all on Walt Disney Resorts on property. It’s a quick and easy way to get to and from a restaurant or another Disney Resort hotel or just a relaxing way to get back to your room after a long day at one of the Walt Disney World theme parks or the Disney Springs area.

Minnie Van service is a great way to get around Walt Disney World Resort quickly and in style – Minnie style that is.

Everything You Need to Know About Disney's Minnie Van Service


(This service has been temporarily suspended and as of June 29, 2022, it’s still on hold. I’ll update when it is available again)

Disney’s Minnie Van service to Orlando International Airport is also for all guests now. The Minnie Van Service to the airport can be booked via the Concierge Cast Members once checked in at your resort, up to one day before departure or by calling (407) WDW-PLAY or (407) 939-7529.

You’ll need to have your flight information handy. If you’re traveling domestically, request a pickup at least 2 hours prior to your flight departure and at least 3 hours prior to flight departure if flying internationally. Note: rides cannot be booked through the app at this time.

The cost is $150, one way only, from your Disney hotel to Orlando International Airport or vice versa.

Minnie Van Service to and from the airport can carry up to 6 passengers, 6 medium sized suitcases and can have up to 3 car seats for guests under the age of 6.

The service is available for flight departures from 7am to midnight, and it’s recommended that you use the Resort Airline Check-In Service alongside Minnie Van Service.

Everything You Need to Know About Disney's Minnie Van Service


Overall, I think it’s a great service and well worth the price for a ride, especially after our late night in the park and our early breakfast the next day. It’s definitely easy to get a little spoiled by it and if I could, I’d probably use it all the time but obviously that would get pretty pricey. I loved having this option available to us. Knowing I could have another way back to the resort if my toddler was overly cranky and not willing to wait another minute in a bus line was priceless.

Learn more about Disney Minnie Van service here.

If you have any questions about the Minnie Van service, let me know! I’d be happy to answer anything I missed.

Have you taken a ride in the Minnie Vans yet?


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Everything you need to know about Disney's Minnie Van Service

Everything you need to know about Disney's Minnie Van Service

Everything You Need to Know About Disney's Minnie Van Service

Kim cole

Wednesday 27th of March 2019

Can you pre- book them the night before for an early breakfast reservation? I would need the Minnie Van to pick us up at 7am.


Thursday 28th of March 2019

That's a good question! I'm not entirely sure. According to the website, it says they are open as early as 6:30 am so I would imagine that you could schedule it through the app as early as 6:30 for a 7:00 am pickup but I haven't tried that yet. You could try calling the Minnie Van Specialists at (407) 828-3500 and hopefully they could direct you better. I only saw scheduling for airport transportation at this time.

If you can't pre-book them, I think you will be fine booking it the morning of right at 6:30 / 6:45 ish. Good luck!


Saturday 23rd of March 2019

Why won’t Disney offer rides to Universal? I’m sure they just can’t come to an agreement, but my husband and I think both parks would benefit greatly if they would offer this with their new Minnie Vans. Our last round trip taxi ride was $75.


Saturday 23rd of March 2019

I have no idea but I imagine they want to keep guests on Disney property and attractions but it would make it nice and easy to get over there!


Friday 22nd of March 2019

Good luck in getting a Minnie Van! We tried on our visit last year and couldn't get one. We kept trying & trying, but the app was never showing one available. Finally, after 30 minutes of trying, we had to give up and just take a regular Lyft to our destination, otherwise we would have missed our dining reservation. Our driver arrived a few minutes later in a very nice, comfortable & clean vehicle.


Saturday 23rd of March 2019

That stinks! I'm sorry you had so much trouble! I'm sure a lot depends on the time or year and how busy the parks are. I could definitely see it being a problem during peak times. We tend to visit during "off" season so maybe that helped? /

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Wednesday 7th of March 2018

Such a great post! We saw them on our trip last week but I didn’t know anything about them. Now I’m excited to try for myself when we go back this summer. Thank you!