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Easy King Cake

So with today being Mardi Gras…I knew our dinner would not be complete without a king cake.   Now, my son is a picky eater and doesn’t like to try new things and with his food allergies, I knew I had to make something that he could eat.  One of his (and my) favorite things are Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls.  I knew this would be perfect to make our king cake with.  I took one can of cinnamon rolls and arranged them on the cookie sheet in a circle, like this. 

Once they were done cooking I added the icing just like you normally would
…..and once it melted in a little, I added some tinted sugar in yellow, green and purple (although the purple came out a little dark on me) but it was easy to do I’ll post the how to on that later in case anyone needs to know how. 
Now I would have added more of the colored sugar but I made this after school and when my son seen me adding the colored sugar….he wasn’t happy.  He did NOT want me messing with his favorite snack so I left a few plain for him.  But of course, after he tried a little he realized he like it!  Oh well!  Now I can add more next year!!