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How to Encourage Your Teen to Take Charge of Their Health – with Invisalign® Treatment!

This post was sponsored by the Invisalign® brand and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Since starting Invisalign® treatment over 10 weeks ago, I’ve noticed a difference in how my teenager takes care of his overall health. He’s cut back on the amount of junk food he’s eating, he’s drinking more water, and generally taking an interest in his orthodontic care and progress. These are just a few of the ways he’s taking charge of his health – thanks to Invisalign treatment!

He’s taken the first step and I’m encouraging as we go along. Here are some simple tips to help your teen take charge of their health.


We are what we eat, and the same holds true for teens. I notice a difference in my teen’s attitude when he eats a lot more junk food than normal. So, I make sure there’s plenty of healthy options on hand to fuel his growing appetite.

One of the great things about Invisalign aligners is that they are the most advanced clear aligner system in the world, and they let you transform your smile without compromise! So, Ryan can still enjoy all his favorite foods and activities while in treatment – in moderation!


Always encourage water over sugary drinks and soft drinks. Especially during treatment as you don’t want sugary drinks sitting underneath the aligners!


Teach them from a young age to be proactive about their health and well-being. Teach them the benefits of a healthy diet, exercise and taking care of their health.  He’s taken his Invisalign treatment very seriously and it’s carried over to other areas of his life.

I had him download the My Invisalign app on his phone so he can monitor his progress as he goes along (as well as mom and dad). It helps them be more proactive in treatment.


This should be a no brainer but sometimes teens can be…. ahem….lazy. They need to be taught the importance of good and proper hygiene and that while it’s ok to be lazy sometimes, this is one area that we can never be lazy in.

With Ryan’s Invisalign aligners, the maintenance is pretty simple. He brushes them when he brushes his teeth and keeps them in their case to protect them while they’re out of his mouth to eat. So, we put together a little kit with all the supplies he needs to keep his aligners and his mouth clean.

I bought him an electric toothbrush to brush his teeth and his aligners, another regular toothbrush, small container of baking soda, and a case to keep everything in.

He uses the baking soda and regular toothbrush to clean the Invisalign aligners. The case helps to make sure everything is always together and it makes it easy to travel with Invisalign treatment.


Teens need to learn early on how to speak up for themselves and for others. Encourage them to be direct with peers, teachers, doctors and even parents to communicate what they need or need to understand in a respectful way.

A great way to help them do that is let them talk to their teachers or doctors during visits. If they have a concern, let them be the ones to voice it rather than mom or dad.

When we visited his orthodontist for his 10-week Invisalign treatment check-up, I let him do all the talking. He discussed some concerns he had and some issues he was having with his Invisalign aligners. The orthodontist checked him out and noticed that his bottom aligners weren’t sitting flush against his teeth.

This meant that his teeth haven’t moved as much as they should have, so they had to re-scan him and order a whole new set of aligners.

For the next 4 weeks, Ryan will wear his current pair of aligners until his new Invisalign aligners come in. Once the new aligners are in, then he’ll pick back up with this treatment and continue from there.

It’s a minor setback but overall, we’re all thrilled with the progress his teeth have made so far. After all, 20 years of innovation have enabled Invisalign treatment to handle simple to complex cases transforming more than 7 million smiles!

Parents, you can learn more about Invisalign treatment for your teen on the Invisalign website!

If your child needs orthodontic treatment, find an Invisalign trained provider to see how Invisalign treatment can change your child’s life. Also, be sure to take the free Smile Assessment for them!