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Tips to Host a Simple Friendsgiving Celebration

Tips to Host a Simple Friendsgiving Celebration

Host a Friendsgiving Dinner to remember with these simple and attainable tips.

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products on a table to host friendsgiving

The cooler temperatures and the changing leaves can only mean one thing, the holidays are almost here. A few weeks ago I shared tips to plan the perfect Friendsgiving brunch and now I’m back to share some more tips for a dinner party with some fabulous products that are perfect for a Friendsgiving celebration.

Start off your celebration with Rodney Strong Wines. These Sonoma County wines are the perfect pairing for your Friendsgiving celebration. I was sent two new to me wines, the Rodney Strong Sonoma County Cabernet and a Rodney Strong California Chardonnay.

Rodney Strong Wine bottles sitting on a table

The Rodney Strong Sonoma County Caberne Sauvignon is rich with dark cherry, plum and baking spices. The delicious fruit is accompanied by black pepper notes, crushed violet and cassis. The palate has medium tannins, lingering spicy oak flavors with a velvety lush finish.

This Cabernet Sauvignon is great paired with a grilled steak, rack of lamb or grilled winter vegetables.

pouring wine into a wine glass

The Rodney Strong California Chardonnay displays aromas of lemon curd and apple with hints of toasty oak and baking spices. The finish is long and lingering with silky notes of fresh pear and pineapple.

This wine is great with grilled asparagus, seared tuna with a mango-avocado salsa or my favorite, an apple and brie grilled cheese.

Click HERE to Rodney Strong Wines at a store near you.

frozen herbs with pasta on table

Whatever recipe you decide to create, Dorot Gardens is ready to spice things up. I LOVE cooking with fresh herbs from my garden but now that it’s November and most of the herbs are done for the season my go-to is Dorot Gardens.

I’ve used these for years and my freezer is always stocked with them. Especially the garlic and basil.

The pre-portioned  crushed garlic is already peeled, chopped and measured for you. Making it effortless and easy to season and flavor your cooking. 1 Dorot Garden Garlic cube = 1 garlic clove,  Great in the Kitchen For cold sauces for salads, or hot sauces for pasta or casserole dishes. Adds a marvelous taste and aroma to meat, chicken and vegetable dishes.

adding frozen garlic to a pan

Garlic is considered “the antibiotics of nature” and I use it in almost every recipe I cook to. It’s thought to help ease infections and inflammations.

Basil is another favorite of mine. Chopping and measuring basil can be tedious but Dorot Gardens basil eliminates the chopping and measuring, making it effortless to season and flavor your cooking.

1 cube of Dorot Gardens basil = 1 teaspoon. It’s a quick & delicious way to season your foods.

basil pasta recipe in a bowl

Want an amazing and simple pasta recipe? In a pan, mix half a cup olive oil with 2 garlic cubes, 2 basil cubes, 1 parsley cube, salt and pepper – pour on cooked pasta and… enjoy!

Visit to learn more and find a store near you!

Friendsgiving book sitting on a table

If you’re struggling with what to cook for your Friendsgiving celebration than pick up a copy of the Friendsgiving book!

Friendsgiving is an officially licensed guide for year-long celebrations inspired by Friends the show. Friendsgiving is filled with recipes, entertaining tips, and group activities for holidays, special occasions, and other festivities inspired by the feasts and fun of everyone’s favorite sitcom squad.

It even makes a great gift idea! Pick up a copy HERE.

Cookies on a charcuterie tray

Dewey’s Bakery has you covered for dessert.  First opened in 1930 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Dewey’s Bakery has helped generations of families celebrate birthdays, holidays, life milestones, random Tuesday cravings, and everything in between.

Their cookies are a must have for the holidays.  The Sugar Moravian Cookies are made using a centuries-old recipe, combining full flavor vanilla with the finest ingredients, such as finely milled wheat flour and whole eggs, to create our uniquely thin and flavorful Sugar Moravian Cookies.

Ginger Spice Moravian Cookie Large Tube are the original Moravian Cookie and the perennial favorite.  The Ginger Spice Cookies are baked using a centuries-old recipe brought to America from the European kingdom of Moravia.

The bakers stay true to this tradition by combining brown sugar with exotic spices imported from around the world, such as cloves, ginger, cinnamon, and allspice for a delicious taste you’ll love.

Save 10% site wide with code DEWEYS10 through December 10th. Shop here.

almonds sitting in a bowl

When it’s time to reach for some snacks, reach for Frank’s RedHot Almonds. They’re almonds, only better and perfect alone or in a homemade trail mix.

Grab these for stocking stuffers too over on Amazon.

Happy Entertaining!