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Gift Ideas for the Dogs on Your List

Gift Ideas for the Dogs on Your List

With holiday shopping in full force, here are some gift ideas for all the dogs on your holiday shopping list! 

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dog laying on bed in front of Christmas Tree

After having cats for the last few years, we got a puppy! It all happened so fast, I got a call from the shelter that they had four 3 month old puppies come in and no where to keep them. The shelter was full. They needed homes ASAP and if I wanted one, now was the time. Within a few hours we were on our way to bringing our Ellie home. In celebration of her first Christmas,  here are some gift ideas for the puppies on your shopping list.


My puppy was found living in a shed in someone’s yard. Her potty habits were, well she just went anywhere! 

Luckily I had some on hand because of the cats, but a good quality dog one is one of the first things I bought. 

Simple Solution Extreme Stain and Odor Remover is a must for any pet owner.

The spray eliminates tough set-in stains and odors and even helps prevent repeat marking. 

Shop for Simple Solution Extreme Stain & Odor Remover HERE 


There are so many dog shampoos on the market  and I quickly learned that most aren’t worth the money. I bought so many. She had itchy skin which the vet explained was totally normal in puppies but nothing seemed to help. 

Until after a day of digging in the mud, I washed Ellie with Natural Care+ Itch Relief Dog Shampoo.

dog laying in front of shampoo bottles

This natural dog shampoo was like a miracle in a bottle. 

The itching nearly stopped and she was able to focus on training and playing instead of scratching herself all the time. With tea tree oil and aloe vera, the shampoo provides soothing relief to a doggie’s skin. 

They even have a Soothing Oatmeal Dog shampoo that provides a soothing relief for a dog’s dry, irritated skin. 

Both shampoos have goats milk to moisturize and protect your dog’s coat.  It’s my go-to shampoo for Ellie. 

Grab a bottle of Natural Care+ for your pup today! 


Pro tip: buy more toys than you think you’ll need. Puppies and dogs in general I think are ruff (see what I did there) on their toys. 

We went through so many toys in the first week because I bought what I thought was cute and not ones built for standing up to playtime. 

Some of Ellie’s favorite squeak toys are Multipet Toys. They keep her engaged, active and excited through playtime. 

These toys are made for dogs who like to toss and tug at their toys and for ones who cuddle and play gently. 

I’m always looking for toys that encourage movement, mental stimulation and exercise and Multipet Toys check off all those boxes. 

WARNING: Always supervise your pet when playing with dog toys. This product should be inspected periodically for damages. Do not permit your pet to continue playing with a broke or damaged toy. Please discard when worn. No pet toy is indestructible. Intended for pet use only. 

Find Multipet Toys at stores near you. Visit to learn more


There are a few boxes I need checked when shopping for dog treats for my baby.  They need to be made in the U.S.A. 

They need to be natural dog treats and have limited ingredients. Charlee Bear treats are all that and more.

Two of Ellie’s favorites are Bearnola Bites and Grain Free Meaty Bites. 

The Bearnola Bites are made with ingredients pet parents would find in their own kitchen pantry. 

They’re perfectly sized for training or just for fun. 

They have a crispy texture and flavor that dogs love. 

The Grain Free Meaty Bites are made with only two wholesome ingredients, a protein and a fruit or vegetable. 

They even have added probiotics. These freeze dried snacks are freeze dried to lock in nutrition and flavor and are infused with superfoods. 

These natural dog treats are ones I feel good about feeding Ellie. 

Happy Shopping!