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How to Freeze and Regrow Green Onions – It’s Easier Than You Think

How to Freeze and Regrow Green Onions – It’s Easier Than You Think

Learn how to freeze and regrow green onions to use all year long! It’s easier than you think! 

green onions growing in jar

Have you ever tried to regrow or freeze your green onions? Until recently I never gave it much thought. I used them in my recipe and just threw the scraps away. After a few grocery deliveries where I ordered them but didn’t get them because they were sold out, I thought it was time I tried to regrow them. I was pleasantly surprised at just how easy it is to freeze and regrow green onions.

The current state of the world has made me thing differently about the things I use and how I use them. 

Since it seemed pretty easy to actually regrow green onions, I figured it was the perfect time to try. 

chopped green onions on cutting board

And let me tell you, it was SO EASY! They actually do regrow and fast!  

I was already using the new onions that grew a week later.

But did you also know you can freeze green onions? Yup! You can and that’s easy too. 

Now you can enjoy green onions in your recipes and cooking all year long. You can continuously grow and freeze your green onions over and over. 

That’s just what I’m doing right now. Let’s first learn how easy it is to freeze your green onions. 


Green onions are great in a wide variety of recipes. You can use them in soups, stews, pasta salads, almost anything really. Here are a few recipes that would be great to add green onions in: 

chopped green onions on cutting board


Wash and dry your green onions really well. Then use a sharp knife  cut off the roots.

cut green onions on a cutting board

Then finely dice all the green onions and place them in a container with lid or a freezer bag.

chopped green onions on cutting board

You’ll want to fill the container to the top but don’t pack them down. I like to freeze mine right in a freezer safe mason jar (Ball canning jars are great for this and are freezer safe). You could also use:

  • freezer safe bags
  • plastic freezer safe containers with a lid
  • Ball canning jars

green onions in ball canning jar

Gently give the container your shake as they’re freezing so they don’t all stick together when you want to take them out. By gently shaking the container a few times throughout the first half house of freezing, it will help them not stick together and let you take out just the amount you need when you’re ready to use them.


Green onions last between 10 and 12 months in the freezer. Since mine are frozen in a mason jar and during the freezing process I make sure to shake them around a bit, when I’m ready to use them I just open the jar and sprinkle out what I need. 

jar of chopped green onions

They’ll defrost rather quickly so I just add them right into my recipe as I’m cooking.

green onions growing in jar


Regrowing green onions from the cuttings is extremely easy. Sure I’ve heard that you could regrow green onions from the cuttings but never tried it until recently. 

green onions chopped on cutting board with knife

I was really surprised how easy it was. I used my green onions in my Tuna Pasta Salad recipe a few weeks ago and I was getting ready to throw away the cuttings, I remembered that I could actually regrow them. 

Since getting to the grocery store is not an option right now and it’s hit or miss if they actually get filled in my delivery orders, I figured now was as good a time as ever to try it. 

And there’s not much to it! Just take the cuttings and rubber band them if you have one to hold them together. 

cut green onions in jar with water

Place the cuttings in a jar of water. Just enough to cover the stems and place somewhere where they’ll get a lot of light. 

I have mine in my kitchen windowsill. That’s it. 

Here they were on day 1.

first day of growing green onions

But just look at day 7. They’re ready to cut and use again!  

day 7 of growing green onions

I will move some of these to the garden once the weather gets a little warmer but until then, I have them in a small canning jar filled with enough water to cover the roots right in my kitchen windowsill. 

That’s all there is to it! So add an order or two of green onions to your next grocery shopping list and start freezing and regrowing them to use all year long.