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Kelley Blue Book is now in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This post is sponsored by Kelley Blue Book; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own

Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Awards and Nintendo’s hit game Animal Crossing have teamed up for some exciting news the debut of HQ Island! 

Kelley Blue Book is now in Animal Crossing!

Two of my favorite things, cars and Nintendo’s Animal Crossing are celebrating HQ, a brand new island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the 2021 Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Awards. When you visit the HQ island, you can explore and do fun things like fish and even fish trash out of the rivers! The best part? By fishing trash out of the rivers in the game, Kelley Blue Book will donate to river conservation with American Rivers! 

I had a sneak peek of HQ last week and it was so much fun! I can’t wait to get back in and do a little more fishing and fish for trash out of the rivers. It’s an easy way to help contribute to keep our rivers and oceans clean.


Well, it’s F-U-N! When you board your flight from your home island and arrive at HQ the island tour guide, Kelley will meet you and show you some of the fun stops on the island. 

You can race along the highways, get a photo with the Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Award trophy, visit the island shops for fun merchandise and my favorite activity, FISHING!  

Fishing for fish and trash out of the rivers was super easy, and once you make your catch, deposit it (fish or trash) on the island, Kelley Blue Book will make a donation to help conserve water with American Rivers. Even better you can bring trash from your home island and deposit it at HQ and a donation will be made as well!  You can also shop for merchandise, shake trees and collect fallen items all of which you can take back home to your island with you when you leave. 


Kelley Blue Book is now in Animal Crossing!



Visiting the island is easy! When you request a Dodo code from you can visit the island with a quick flight on Dodo Airlines. Once you arrive you’ll meet Kelley the island tour guide and you can begin to explore!  

The island is open from 12/8 – 12/17 from 3pm – 12am daily. 


Using this DREAM CODE:  DA-2488-5249-3892 you can visit the island for 24/7 play. NOTE: Dream Play does NOT allow you to bring anything from the home with you and does not give you access to donations.

Kelley Blue Book is now in Animal Crossing!


Each year the editors of Kelley Blue Book evaluate hundreds of models of vehicles looking for the ones that deliver the best combination of comfort, quality, safety, affordability and more. The best of the best are awarded the prestigious Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Award

There are 16 different categories ranging from full-size pickup trucks to plug-in electric vehicles, plus a Best New Model winner, so whatever type of vehicle you’re looking into you’re bound to find something on the list.

When shopping for a new vehicle, this information is invaluable and has helped my family more than once of the years when it came time to buy a new vehicle. 

Kelley Blue Book is my go-to for car information when I need it. 

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to HQ and let’s make a donation to American Rivers!