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4 Things to Know About the New Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball

4 Things to Know About the New Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball

Ready to get a head start on your holiday shopping this year? Let me introduce you to one of this season’s HOTTEST new toys this holiday season, the Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball. 

magic mixies crystal ball toy

Last season, Magic Mixies took the toy world by storm with their Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron and this year they are back with a much anticipated expansion of the magic mixies lineup – the Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball. Let’s take a closer look at this interactive toy and why it’s going to top all the Christmas lists this year. 

Before we get into the fun, let me be the first to say get your hands on this toy NOW because it will be hard to find as we get close to the holidays. If you weren’t able to get a hold of it last year, don’t make the same mistake this year.

magic mixie crystal ball toy

Let’s take a closer look at why kids will love Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball and the Magic Mixies brand.


Real magic returns with the Magic Mixies Crystal Ball. This interactive toy is sure to be a hit this Fall. With two different modes of play, your child is bound to have hours of tun. There are six stages your child goes through to reveal their own special Mixie.

The crystal ball magically responds to a wave of the interactive magic wand your child controls through each step.  There are two modes of play, Creation Mode and Night-Light Mode, which are controlled by a switch on the back of the crystal ball.

Different wand movements produce a different response from the crystal ball including colorful lights, sounds and real mist!

As they move to the next level, they’ll be mesmerized as the ball fills with magic mist during the process building excitement before the big reveal.

magic mixie crystal ball toy

As you use the interactive wand, don’t forget to use the magic word, Magicus Mixus to reveal your new plush toy!

When the adorable plush magic mixie arrives, she’ll have forehead gems that sparkly and glow for a fun, interactive experience. Your Mixie has 4 modes of play: Tickling, Game, Spell and Fortune Telling Modes.  It’s really fun to ask your Mixie a question and have your fortune told.  This will be perfect for my daughter’s next playdate!


You can make real Magic happen again and again by repeating the magic process. After you reveal your pet, The Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball can be used again with whatever you want! This could be a fun way to reveal other special gifts during a holiday or special occasion.  

magic mixie crystal ball

Fill it with another special toy, letter or anything really, and start the creation spell again to reveal the surprise. 


Your Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball is ready to go right out of the box so you don’t have to charge it or add batteries before you use it. You can just open it up and play! That’s perfect for kids like my daughter who want to get right into playing! 

magic mixie sitting in crystal ball


Once you play with the toy, you can use it as a Night-Light!Night-Light! That’s right, besides they have multiple modes of play, it has a Night-Light mode. Now your child can cuddle the magical toy and have a cute night light to boot.


This toy is sure to be on all the holiday wish lists this year so look for Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball starting October 1st at major retailers. 

child grabbing magic mixie

Do you have a child who would love their own fortune-telling magic mixie?

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