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Tips to Host the BEST No-Bake Christmas Cookie Party

Tips to Host the BEST No-Bake Christmas Cookie Party

Host the EASIEST Christmas Cookie Party Ever with these tips for a No-Bake Cookie Party!

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Tips for hosting a No Bake Christmas Cookie Party

One of my favorite holiday traditions is my yearly Christmas Cookie Party. A few of my closest friends get together Thanksgiving weekend and kick off the holidays baking and enjoying our favorite holiday cookie recipes. Then we all swap our favorites so we end up with a nice assortment of delicious holiday cookies. It’s been a tradition for the last few years but due to a hectic few weeks, I thought I may have to cancel this year. At the last minute I decided to just switch it up and make it a No-Bake Christmas Cookie Party this year. 

A little backstory. The week leading up to Thanksgiving was hectic. My husband has had a crazy work schedule lately  and combined with the kid’s activities, I’ve been way to busy to add another activity to my schedule. I didn’t think I could pull it off.

Tradition or not, I was exhausted and truthfully didn’t want to add another thing to my to-do list.

I mentioned postponing it, but since we couldn’t square away another day (the holidays are so busy y’all) So instead of disappointing everyone, because we all need a girls day once in a while, I switched it up to make it easy  for all of us.

Tips for hosting a No Bake Christmas Cookie Party

Instead of a day of baking everything from scratch, piles of dirty dishes  and everything that goes along with that, we made it a no-bake party!

Yup! Each of us picked out our favorite already made cookies and did our cookie exchange that way. No mess and plenty of fun was still had by all of us!

Tips for hosting a No Bake Christmas Cookie Party

Since I had every intention of canceling, I had nothing on hand but that was nothing that a quick trip to Stop & Shop couldn’t fix.

I headed out and grabbed everything I needed in one trip, guys talk about easy!

Not only did I get all my cookies but I even picked up all the decorations for my no-bake cookie party right at Stop & Shop too!

I mean, how could I say no to these adorable embroidered napkins. I’m using these for our Christmas dinner table too!

Tips for hosting a No Bake Christmas Cookie Party

I used some cute trays I already had and picked up some festive cookie containers for each of us to sample our favorite cookies.

I still felt bad that we weren’t actually doing any baking (but I just wasn’t up to it) so instead, I grabbed these holiday Ball canning jars and filled them with the dry ingredients for one of my go-to cookie recipes.That way, everyone could bake them at home with their families this holiday season.

Tips for hosting a No Bake Christmas Cookie Party

The day of the party, I decorated the table, laid out all my already baked cookies and spent the day catching up with some great friends.

No mess. No stress. Just some much needed me time. And let me tell you, I think I just found my new holiday tradition – a yearly no-bake Christmas cookie party.

All the memories and none of the stress that goes into it!

Tips for hosting a No Bake Christmas Cookie Party



The whole point of a no-bake party is to make it easy. While it sounds good in theory to have this epic cookie baking party sometimes life throws you curve balls and you just can’t work it out. Instead of cancelling, change your expectations. After all it’s about connecting with the ones you love, not about baking and cleaning all day.

Use simple decorations or none at all. After all mamas you need a break once in awhile too.


Picking up holiday cookies or just plan cookies from the grocery store is one of the simplest and easiest things to do. Lucky for me Stop & Shop had an amazing assortment of cookies that I just had to throw in my cart. Have everyone pick their favorite cookies or treats from the snack aisle and your on your way to the easiest (and tastiest) party you’ve ever thrown.


The whole point of a party like this is to make it fun. Don’t put added stress into your life during this already busy time of year. Serve up an already put together tray of lite bites or cheese and crackers. Ready made platters are your friend in situations like this.

Head on out to Stop & Shop and plan your own No-Bake Christmas a party this year! You’ll fnd everything you need for you party to go off without a hitch. I picked up all the essentials:

  • Cookies containers
  • Ball canning jars
  • Dry ingredients for cookie recipe
  • Cookies for the exchange
  • Table decor

And so much more!

Tips for hosting a No Bake Christmas Cookie Party

So tell me, what cookies would you service at your own no-bake holiday party?