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Organized Kitchen Drawers in 3 Easy Steps

Organized Kitchen Drawers in 3 Easy Steps

Don’t let messy kitchen drawers damper your day! Get organized kitchen drawers in 3 easy steps with these tips!  

I’ve been working hard to organize each and every spot in my home. With two kids at home all day long and  working from home, I can safely say if we’re not organized we won’t succeed in accomplishing anything! One of the last rooms to organize was my kitchen.  If you could see inside my pantry, cabinets and drawers you’d probably run screaming. They’re a mess y’all! So I dove right in and within an hour I had  some neat and organized kitchen drawers!  

organized kitchen drawers

My current set-up was basically described as things  ALL OVER THE PLACE.  One smaller drawer has my flatware.  Another larger drawer has larger kitchen utensils and then my foil, baking papers, etc. are just thrown in a bottom cabinet – never to be found when I need them.

So I got to work to organize my kitchen drawers into a functional set-up where I’d be able to find everything and anything when I needed them.  

hexa™ in-drawer organizers

Surprisingly, it was pretty easy, and I knocked the project out in less than an hour thanks to my Hexa™ in-drawer organizers.    Now my drawers are neat, clean and organized!


First thing’s first – empty the drawers. Sort everything into piles of where you want things to go. I emptied everything out of mine. Then I cleaned the drawers really well and decided how I wanted to organize my drawers going  forward.

organized kitchen drawers

I didn’t want kitchen utensils and things in separate drawers. I wanted it all in one to make it easy to look for things. 

Once I knew my layout. I placed everything I wanted to go in that drawer right on the counter above it.

organized kitchen drawers


As I was sorting through everything I tossed anything that I was no longer using. Those two random spoons from a mismatched set I bought years ago? Trash. 

Those weird utensil things I thought I had to have that I haven’t touched in the ten years I lived here? Trash.  

I took the same approach I use when cleaning my closets, if I haven’t worn or in  this case used it in the last 6 months, I probably never will. So I put it in a box to donate or I trashed anything that wasn’t usable.


Before I put anything away. I knew I needed some really nice bins to organize everything and keep it all together.  Enter HEXA™ products. These stylish and sturdy in-drawer organizing bins were perfect to organize my drawers and keep everything in its place in a stylish way. 

hexa™ in-drawer organizers

This shape allows for water and debris to move through the organizer, keepings utensils cleaner and allowing you to simply lift it out of the drawer to wipe away any dirt left behind.  No more crumbs and build up in the bottom of those  other organizers. If you look closely in this photo, you’ll see those pesky crumbs and dirt. That was always so gross to me.

organized kitchen drawers

The bins are quite sturdy and  stood up to my clumsy self dropping them several times during this project.  

There are two main lines to pick from when organizing your drawers:

  • The  silverware trays (expandable and regular) 
  • In-drawer organizers (can be used in kitchen, garage, bathroom, make-up drawer, crafts, etc.).  

The Silverware trays were perfect for my larger drawer to organize all my flatware and utensils. I  used the expandable organizer and a regular flatware organizer to hold all my utensils and cutlery. 

organized kitchen drawers with Hexa™ in-drawer organizers

As you can see, the bins are modular which can make for some very eye-pleasing and customizable organization options in areas all over your home!

organized kitchen drawers

My other drawers all use the in-drawer organizer as needed. I’m thrilled with the end result. Just look at the before and after! 

organized kitchen drawers

I can’t wait to organize all my Cricut supplies with these in-drawer organizers.

Now you can organize any drawer in your house easily with HEXA™.  Shop  HEXA™ products HERE and save 10% off your entire order of select HEXA™ products with my exclusive discount code 10HEXA  

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Sunday 21st of March 2021

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