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Our #DisneySide at Home Party & Tips to Help You Plan Your Own

 Disclosure: I received a box of Disney party supplies and accessories to help plan this party. No other compensation was received. As always, all opinions are my own. 

A couple of months ago I received an email for a chance to have a #DisneySide party at home for my friends and family. Given my family’s love for all things Disney, I immediately filled out the application and waiting patiently to hear if I was selected or not. One day I was checking my email and there it was, an email letting me know that I was going to get to have a party and share my love of Disney with my friends and family.  Woo Hoo!

I went to down planning every last detail of my party from the food we would eat to the games we would play. I seriously couldn’t wait for this party. My son & I picked a date and started calling everyone to let them know. Then I got sick. Really sick. I had to reschedule our party 2 times because I was still sick. Then I got the news, I was pregnant. (That explains why I was so sick.) I couldn’t believe it. It was the last thing I expected and I was still sick – really, really sick. But I needed to have my party, I had people coming over that weekend and I couldn’t cancel again. My son was so excited to have this party that I just decided to make due as best I can, forget some of my more elaborate plans (there’s always the baby shower now) and try to have the party as best I can. And that’s exactly what we did.

After all, Disney put the time into making and sending us these amazing party kits with just about everything I needed, the party had to go on. There wasn’t anything besides food that I needed to provide at this point.

The day of the party came, my son did most of the decorating for me and was so proud of his work. He set up a table for the kids with all the great supplies in our kit.

In my few moments of feeling semi-ok, I was able to bake the cupcakes while my son added the icing and the Mickey heads. With his help, we even make Mickey Mouse Rice Krispie treats. I kept the food easy too.

We made mini pizza for everyone. Some shaped like a Mickey head and others with hidden Mickey toppings.

We used the party as a chance to tell everyone the surprising and great news, there would be another little Mickey or Minnie joining our family.

We lined up all our Disney board games and had our favorite Disney movies playing and everyone had a great time! I was able to get some great pictures of everyone and as a thank you for coming, I printed them out on the HP Photo Paper I received in my kit so everyone had a souvenir of the special day.
While I didn’t get to put together my photo booth that I was so excited for or get to go all out on decorations and desserts like I had planned, I did get a great party with friends and family. Best of all I was able to share our good news in a fun way! Now, I’ll just have a photo booth to show our  #DisneySide at my Baby Shower or baby’s First Birthday!

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