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Bucket List Places I’ve been


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Do you have a travel bucket list? I do and it’s something I add to almost every year. I love going through and crossing off destinations that we’ve visited and replacing them with a new travel dream, like this trip to Egypt. I’m a firm believer in traveling and exploring the world. Whether your start off small with a local staycation or you jump in and plan an epic cruise to Alaska, the goal is to just start!

My Travel Bucket List:

  1. I want to see the Northern Lights
  2. I want to visit Alaska  Completed this 9/2018 You can read all about it HERE
  3. I want to go Salmon Fishing in Alaska (we loved Alaska so much we want to go back!)
  4. I want to see the bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico
  5. I want to walk the streets of Havana, Cuba
  6. I want to take a Mediterranean Cruise
  7. I want to camp and fish at Acadia National Park in Maine
  8. I want to take a road trip along Route 66
  9. I want to stay in a haunted hotel
  10. I want to visit Walt Disney World for Christmas  DONE 11/2018 Read about it HERE
  11. I want to visit Disneyland at Halloween
  12. I want to visit Hawaii. Naturally Aulani is at the top of my list.
  13. I want to visit the Outer Banks and see the wild horses on the beach.  Done 5/2018 Read about it HERE
  14. I want to visit Ireland. After having an ancestry dna test done, I was surprised at some of my history. I never knew I was Irish so now I want to add this to my list of places to visit
  15. I want to overcome my fear of flying. DONE Read about it HERE 
  16. I want to visit the Grand Canyon
  17. I want to visit New Orleans
  18. I want to visit the United Kingdom (another surprise from my dna test)
  19. I want to take a Western Caribbean Cruise with stops in Mexico to explore Cozumel and the ruins of the Mayan civilizations. I was obsessed with learning about Mayan culture in school and this is sometime I’d love to see in person
  20. I want to visit Fiji
  21. I want to visit Egypt
  22. I want to visit Galapagos Island

Where will your bucket list take you?