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This Holiday Season, Think Inside the Box for the Perfect Gift with SmartBox

This is a sponsored post All opinions are my own.

Road Trip Snacks with SmartBox

If you’re anything like me, when it comes to road trips, we have to have snacks. It’s inevitable that one of us is always hungry when we get in the car. So I’m always looking for ways to incorporate better-for-you snack options when we travel. Recently I was introduced to SmartBox.  SmartBox is a subscription box is a box full of healthy and better for you snacks that makes a great gift or road trip companion.It even makes a great holiday gift for that hard to shop for person on your list. I mean what’s better than getting a box of delicious snacks that you won’t feel guilty about eating as a gift.

Road Trip Snacks with SmartBox snacks

So What Exactly is SmartBox?

SmartBox is where you can order a box of healthy snacks delivered right to your door! You can pick the box you like the most, there are five themes, the frequency you want to receive them or you can totally customize your own!

There are five varieties available to order on their site including:

  • A Family Box
  • Fitness Box
  • Celebration Box
  • Gluten Free Box
  • A Surprise Me Box

Each box arrives with an assortment of quality (and healthy) snack options.

Smartbox snacks in front of car

And it’s not just for road trips! You can order a box for a birthday celebration, a college care package or just to let someone know you’re thinking about them!

Is SmartBox a Subscription Box?

Well yes and no. You can order a one-time box or order one to arrive monthly if you’d like. It’s totally up to you to decide how you’d like to customize your box and how often you’d want to receive it.

Our Opinion of SmartBox

I loved it! It was easy to load the box right in the car when we headed out on the road. I usually spend triple  the cost of SmartBox when we head out on a road trip buying snacks for everyone. (That they usually don’t eat anyway).

With SmartBox the kids loved that it was a surprise when it came to what’s int he box and thought it was fun trying new things. I would totally order one again for another road trip or even as a gift.

I know quite a few people on my holiday shopping list who would love a gift like this under the tree this year.

Road Trip Snacks with SmartBox

SmartBox is a great way to say I’m thinking of you or to make sure your family has a bunch of healthy snacks on hand for that next road trip!

Visit and easily order a box of your favorite snacks today!