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Spring Clean Your Car in 5 Easy Steps

This post is sponsored by Little Trees. All opinions are my own.

Spring Clean Your Car

Spring is finally here and now is the perfect time to clean up our cars from the dirt they have accumulated all Winter long.  We spent a lot of time and money in our cars, so it’s important to keep them clean and looking their best. If you’re a mom like me, you know kids can be messy and turn your car into a giant mess. I don’t know what it is but more food ends up on the floor than in their mouths sometimes. Not to mention the dirt and mud they track in because, you know, every puddle must be jumped in. These five easy steps will have your car looking it’s best in no time at all. 

Spring Clean Your Car

These warm days are the perfect time to get out there and de-winterize your car and get it ready for Spring.


Grab a trash bag and get to cleaning. Clean out everything.  Under the seats, the seat back pouches, the glove box, anywhere stuff could have accumulated over the winter, clean it all out. I found missing gloves, several pacifiers (hey it’s one way to wean her off them right?). I even found $5! Don’t forget the trunk either. That spot tents to get overlooked but now is the perfect time to clean it out! Keep only what you need and throw up the rest.


Lets face it we touch all kinds of surfaces when we’re out and then we get inside our car and touch everything in there. With germs running rampant this time of year, keep some sanitizing wipes inside your car to give surfaces a good wipe down.


Invest in a small, rechargeable vacuum. I love my black and decker that I bought just for the cars. I keep it charged in the laundry room at all times. It’s small and so lightweight, that I can just grab it and run it out to the car for a quick vacuum when the kids spill food or there’s too much dirt on the floor. If the floor is really dirty and covered in gross stuff, a quick trip to your local car wash station will take care of that. Those heavy duty vacuums work wonders and are cheap to use. Some are even free. Once you vacuum it all out, invest in the portable vacuum just for this.


I love washing my car and so does my husband so most weeks, we’ll do it ourselves but when I’m really busy and just don’t have the time a trip to the car wash works just as good. There’s nothing better than a sparkling clean car.


It may be Spring but the weather changes daily. Yesterday was warm as could be and we spent the day outside washing the car and then a trip to the park. Today, it’s chilly and dreary. Instead of worrying too much about the weather, I pretend I’m somewhere warm and sunny with a nice tropical scented air freshener.  One of my favorite scents right now is one of LITTLE TREES newest scents – Coral Reef. It smells so fresh and clean, I love going for rides just to smell it.

It reminds me of a being on the beach drinking a tropical fruit smoothie. Somewhere I’d much rather be during these cold days.

LITTLE TREES are the original auto air fresheners and the leader in the industry. I remember by mom buying LITTLE TREES when I was a little girl and over the years they’ve become more innovative with a diverse collection of scents.

Made from only the best ingredients, Trees deliver long-lasting freshness. There are over 40 great fragrances available in 1, 2, 3, and 6-packs so there’s a scent for everyone. LITTLE TREES are available at stores like Wal-Mart, Target, AutoZone, Pep Boys, Kroger, Meijer, Publix, CVS and other places air fresheners are sold.


The latest LITTLE TREES fragrances are:

  • Coral Reef: Experience the serenity of the sea with a unique blend of fresh ocean air and marine notes.
  • Eucalyptus: Fresh-Cut Australian eucalyptus and mint create a natural, invigorating fragrance experience.


We want you to Spring clean your car and enjoy LITTLE TREES! One lucky winner will receive a LITTLE TREES water bottle and TWENTY-FIVE (25) LITTLE TREES AIR FRESHENERS.

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 Learn more about LITTLE TREES and all the different scents available by visiting them at LITTLETREES.COM | LITTLETREES.COM

What’s your favorite spring cleaning tip for your car?


rachel grover

Tuesday 11th of April 2017

i love these little trees :) id use them in my car, closet and near my boyfriends smeeelllly shoes ;) fingers crossed, thanks for the chance!

allyson Tice

Tuesday 11th of April 2017

I woudl use these in my car! from the rear mirror and in the trunk too!

Jenny Scheldberg

Sunday 9th of April 2017

My car and my husbands truck. Fresh smelling vehicles are key.

Darcy Koch

Saturday 8th of April 2017

I will use one in my car, one in the laundry room, and one to keep on hand.

Melissa Storms

Saturday 8th of April 2017

I would use one in my car and we have a spare room that is closed up most of the time and smells a little stale that could use one of these.