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6 Ways to Create a Spring Reading Challenge + FREE Printable

6 Ways to Create a Spring Reading Challenge + FREE Printable

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scholastic Store Online. All opinions are 100% mine.

Before I get into how to create a Spring Reading Challenge, I wanted to share a discount code to Scholastic for those of you who also want to grab some great books perfect to use during the challenge. Get 20% off your entire online purchase with code DAWN120.

Warmer weather is here and that means kids want to be outside and playing until the sun goes down. Don’t let your child’s reading habits suffer. Instead keep them interested in reading and create a Spring Reading Challenge. With these tips and this FREE printable, you’ll have your child excited about reading their next book.


Don’t keep the books packed away in a backpack or just in their room. Create book baskets and place them strategically around the house. Keep one in the living room. One in the kitchen and maybe even one or two in the car. Having books readily available will keep them reaching for a new story time and time again.


Kids learn by example and they’re more likely to do things they see you doing. So join them in their reading challenge.

Dedicate a certain time of the day, before bed, after lunch, etc. and sit down as a family to read books. When your child sees you taking the time out of your busy day to read a book, they’re more likely to do the same.

If you have pets, let your child read to them. Our dogs and even some of the cats love when my daughter reads to them.


Kids love fun things so why not make reading FUN, especially when school is out. Set up a reading challenge with these free printables. Every time your child reads a new book, have them right it down on their challenge paper.

Make a big deal out of every book that they finish reading and when they reach a certain amount, treat them to a new book!

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Set a variety of goals and reward them with a fun treat. It could be a trip to their favorite local park, a trip to the ice cream shop or even a new toy.

Give them something to work towards and encourage them along the way.


Encourage them to read every day and give them an incentive to do so. It can be as simple as motivating them with staying up an extra 15 minutes past their bedtime or letting them stay up late to read more of their favorite book.

Or it can be extravagant as getting them something big they’ve been asking for.

Know matter what it is, set incentives along the way to keep kids interested and engaged in reading all throughout the Spring and Summer.


Let your child take an active role in picking out the books they want to read. While they may have to read certain things for their school, encourage them to read things that piques their interest.

Scroll through the Scholastic Store Online together and help your child pick books or genres they might be interested in and make a book wish list.

Use that as an incentive in the reading challenge. Set a goal to read a certain amount of books and let your child pick out some new favorites.

Get started with your Spring Reading Challenge and print out these FREE Reading Challenge tracker and head on over to the Scholastic Store Online to stock up on plenty of books for your challenge. Don’t forget to use code DAWN120 to save 20%.


Don’t forget to print out this FREE Spring Reading Challenge for your child to color and keep track of all the books they read.

Happy Reading!