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Star Wars Weekends 2013 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

By now, information is beginning to trickle out for this years Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and you’ve probably heard some of it by now or seen some of the pictures from previous years unless you’ve been lucky enough to experience it in person.  I have not.  For the last 7 years,  we’ve been taking my son to Disney and it is always in the fall, for Halloween.   Halloween is my favorite holiday and I absolutely LOVE Walt Disney World at Halloween time.  From the decorations throughout the park to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party, it is seriously, in my opinion, the best time to go.   However, having an 8 year old at home is is OBSESSED with Star Wars (and a mom who is just as obsessed) it seems logical that we go check out Star Wars Weekends.   There’s just something about a Stormtrooper eating a Mickey ice cream bar that makes me want to pack my bags and go!
I’m on the fence on whether or not to give up our fall trip and go in May.  After all, Fall is the only time I know. This is completely new territory for me.  I plan my trips months in advance,  I’m up at 5 am on the morning I can book my dining reservations, NOTHING is last minute with me when it comes to Disney and here I am contemplating a trip less than 3 weeks away!!  No dining booked, no reservations booked (which means NO discount -ouch!) NOTHING!  Part of me really, really wants to go and check out the events in person and if they are anything like the YouTube videos we’ve watched hundreds of times, then it will be an amazing time.    If we do decide to go, I will finally be able to surprise my little guy with a trip.   He is always involved in the planning process, and our monthly count down dinners so he knows the trip is coming but this could finally be my chance to surprise him and that itself would be priceless.
This year, the festivities will begin the weekend May 17 and run through June 9 (weekends only). If  you’re looking for more information on this year’s Star Wars Weekends, check out Disney’s website here.
 Check out some of the cool merchandise that will be out for just for this event.  Donald Duck as Boba Fett …. Stitch as Yoda….does it get any better than this?! 
Check out the Disney Parks blog for more pictures.  
What about you?  Have you ever attended Star Wars Weekends?  Share some of your tips with us.