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Ways to Plan a Memorable Summer Staycation for Your Family

Ways to Plan a Memorable Summer Staycation for Your Family

Having a summer staycation is an excellent way to enjoy summer break without leaving your hometown. There are so many fun ways to plan a memorable vacation at home with your family.

Today I’m sharing some tips and tricks as well as some fun ideas to enjoy a summer vacation close to home this year. It’s no surprise that many people want to travel but things like crazy gas prices, rising food prices and more reasons are putting a damper on those plans.

If traveling during these crazy times just isn’t in your budget, don’t fret. 

Save some money and plan an epic summer staycation instead! 

Remember a staycation IS a vacation, just one spent at home. Now you may think well that doesn’t sound like much of a vacation but I’m here to tell you that it can be a lot of fun! 

picnic by the lake

It’s also a great way to save on hotel expenses and a fun way to explore more of your hometown and places nearby. 

Here are a few ways to Plan a Memorable Summer Staycation for Your Family

Make a Plan

The first step towards having a memorable summer staycation with your family is to treat it like any other vacation. Pick a date and mark your date on the calendar. Sit down with your family to craft up some ideas for fun things to do during your staycation.

Not sure of what to do? Continue reading for some ideas that you can add to your summer staycation itinerary.

Connect with Nature

Get out those binoculars and hiking gear. It’s time to connect with nature! You can plan some nature hikes, backyard scavenger hunts, and nature craft ideas to enjoy during your memorable summer staycation with family. All you need is some creative ideas, a few supplies, and some interested family members.

Take back summer with these fun (and EASY) DIYs that's won't break the bank!

Grab a family size splash pool to relax and unwind in. 

Another fun idea is to take the kids fishing! Fishing is a great way to explore nature and have fun too. 

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Take a Drive

Gather up the snacks and water bottles! Hit the pavement for a mini road trip in your local area with your family during your summer staycation. Sit down and research some local historical sights, fun things to see, and so forth. Make a list of places to stop and then pack up the vehicle to hit the road for a local road trip with family during spring break at home.

Try New Food

Gather up those Pinterest recipes and get ready to try some new food! Create a list of recipe ideas from different geographical locations. Head to the store and get all of the supplies ready so that you can whip up some new food options with your family during your memorable summer staycation.

Make each day a special day for each geographical location and enjoy learning more about what other people eat.

End the week with a special dinner at a new-to-you local restaurant. 

Host a Movie-a-Thon

Make a summer staycation movie list with your family. Get the blankets out, comfortable pajamas and special treats. You’re going to host a movie-a-thon to make this spring break staycation the most memorable one yet. Stay up late watching movies together, and combine this with a family slumber party in the living room to complete this special occasion.

Take it up a notch and plan a backyard movie night complete with s’mores and star gazing. 

outdoor movie night ideas

Whatever you decide to do put the work aside, the screens down and  just be in the moment and create lasting memories with your kids. 

These are just some fabulous ways to plan a memorable summer staycation for your family. The list of ideas could go on and on. I highly advise you to sit down with your family now and start making plans for your summer staycation with family.