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Sun Safety Tips for Kids – A Guide to Sun Protection All Year Long

This post was sponsored by La Roche-Posay as part of an Influence Central campaign and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Protect Your Kids with these Sun Safety Tips and learn to #PlaySafeInTheSun

Teaching my kids the importance of sun safety is something I don’t take lightly. I’ll be the first to admit, I didn’t take care of my skin as well as I should have, especially in my early twenties. Once I became a mom, that instantly changed. Now we use sunscreen all the time. Anytime we are outside, whether we’re spending the day at the beach or just an afternoon in the yard playing, sunscreen is a must. They’re so used to applying sunscreen before we go out that if I forget for some reason, they are quick to remind me. It’s just become second nature for them. These sun safety tips will help protect your kid’s skin all year long.

Protect Your Kids with these Sun Safety Tips and learn to #PlaySafeInTheSun

Since we spend a lot of time outdoors at the beach or waterpark and just playing outside, sun protection is at the top of my list when it comes to being prepared. And not just during the summer. The suns rays can burn your skin any time of year so it’s important to protect your skin year round.

Tips to Practice Sun Safety Tips Together as a Family


Little ones are notorious for copying mom and dad. Whether they’re trying on your favorite clothes and shoes or eating the same foods you like, so set a good example and use sunblock anytime you are out in the sun. When your little ones see you applying sunscreen all the time, it becomes natural for them to do the same thing.

Sun Safety Tips for Kids - A Guide to Protecting Their Skin All Year Long


If your kids are squirmy like my little one is, try making it a game. Sometimes she’ll sit perfectly for me to apply sunblock. Other times, she wants no part of it and wants to just get outside. So I’ll make it a game. We’ll race her older brother and see who can apply their sunscreen the fastest (and properly). Other times, I’ll make up a funny song to keep her entertained. I’ll pretty much do what ever it takes to keep her entertained while I apply it.

Tips to Practice Sun Safety Tips Together as a Family


Teach them healthy habits from a young age to protect them now and for life. I let both of my kids apply their sunblock where they can reach like on their arms, legs, and even their faces. Then I’ll swoop in and follow up where ever they missed. Letting them take charge is a great way to let them get accustomed to taking care of their skin, even at a young age. Leading to healthy skin habits for life.

Tips to Practice Sun Safety Tips Together as a Family


Wearing protective clothing and sunglasses, and wide brimmed hats is another great way to help protect their skin. Look for clothes and swimsuits that offer UPF protection. If you’re at the beach for the day, use an umbrella or beach tent for some shade.  These both even work great at home for backyard play.


Suffering from one or more blistering sunburns in childhood or adolescence more than doubles your chances of developing melanoma. That’s a staggering statistic so finding the right sunscreen is even more important. With so many options in the sunscreen aisle, it can be overwhelming, to say the least. I’ve tried more brands than I can count and not all deliver what they promise. Finding a sunscreen that is both gentle on my little one’s skin as we as being effective proved to be a daunting task. Especially after our sunburns earlier this year on vacation when our sunscreen did protect our skin like we thought it would.

Tips to Practice Sun Safety Together as a Family

Recently I was introduced to a new brand of sunscreen that was new to me – La Roche-Posay. I’ve had a chance to use it on a few trips these past few weeks and it’s wonderful.

La Roche-Posay offers products to protect the entire family even kids and babies. Their Anthelios 60 Dermo-Kids, a sunscreen developed with moms, dermatologists, and pediatricians, is specifically made with powerful UVA/UVB filters that provide broad spectrum, 80-minute water resistant protection with highly protective ingredients and antioxidants that are effective, safe, and gentle on children’s sensitive skin.

Tips to Practice Sun Safety Tips Together as a Family

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 23% of lifetime sun exposure occurs by age 18 [1]  making it even more important to protect their skin while they’re little. They even say just 5 sunburns before the age of 20 can increase the risk of melanoma by a startling +80%. That’s a scary number. So I want to do everything I can to protect their skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Tips to Practice Sun Safety Tips Together as a Family

La Roche-Posay wants to encourage parents and caregivers to heighten sun behavior awareness within their own families by using the La Roche-Posay My UV Patch and mobile app (available both on iOS and Android). The My UV Patch is the first-ever stretchable skin sensor designed to monitor UV radiation in real-time to help educate users on their daily sun exposure to encourage true behavioral change.

Tips to Practice Sun Safety Tips Together as a Family

It’s super easy to use too. I just downloaded the app, applied the patch and was able to monitor the kids UV radiation exposure. The app will track how much sun exposure your child is getting throughout the day.

Tips to Practice Sun Safety Tips Together as a Family

La Roche-Posay products are available at CVS and Amazon. To find a store near you, visit 


What are some of your sun safety tips?


[1]; Godar DE, Urbach F, Gasparro FP, Van der Leun JC. UV doses of young adults. Photochem Photobiol 2003; 77(4):453-457 

Camesha | Mama Motivator

Wednesday 30th of August 2017

Oh this app sounds helpful! I need to do better with sunscreen. I'm pretty good on getting it on the kids but not myself. I'm going to check this out. It's so hot here all the time.

Carrie Chance

Wednesday 30th of August 2017

I've tried to instill good habits with sun protection and now my 7 year old is great at remembering even before I do. I love the idea of that patch. I didn't know those even existed


Wednesday 30th of August 2017

Great tips :) I've always made applying sun screen a game with my two even since they were really little, and now they know that they need to put some on whenever they're going outside.

Louise x


Wednesday 30th of August 2017

We are in the middle of a heat wave, so I can almost guarantee we will be back at the beach at least once. Protecting my littles from the sun is critical. If only I worried as much about my own skin.


Wednesday 30th of August 2017

These are great tips! I have to stay very on top of the sun screen and coverage for my kids. My husband has red hair and really light skin, two of my kids inherited his coloring so they get sunburnt so easily. It is a good thing though, I take extra percautions for the whole family now!