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The Peanuts Movie At Home Movie Night

One of our favorite things to do together as a family is to schedule some downtime where we can all hang out together and just relax. A family movie night is one of our favorite ways to do just that. With kids in activities, a husband who works a crazy schedule and everything in between, it seems like we are always on-the-go. I try to make it a point to schedule a movie night at least once a week but it’s more realistically like every other week that it happens. When it does, we enjoy every minute of it! Our most recent movie night celebrated the release of The Peanuts Movie. My friends at Fox Home Entertainment even sent me a box of goodies with everything we needed for a fun night in. We’ve been so excited to see this movie so I wanted to make it extra special.  I planned a fun (and easy to re-create menu), some games, grabbed our copy of the movie and we were all set!

Baby Giggles loved her straw cup so much she carried it around the entire night.

I wanted to make something more than just popcorn so we made these cute little Charlie Brown inspired cupcakes complete with a chocolate zig zag pattern. Just like you’d find on his iconic yellow shirt.

For dinner we made Charlie Brown pizzas using a flat bread pizza crust cut into circles. This was a great way to get the kids involved in the kitchen. My son loves to cook and he was so excited to make these little pizza faces.

To create these recipes at home, here’s what you’ll need:

For the cupcakes:

  • Yellow Cupcake liners
  • 1 box of cake mix (I made chocolate)
  • Icing (homemade or a tub of your favorite)
  • Yellow food coloring
  • Chocolate candy melts
  • Piping bag
  • Wax Paper
Heat the chocolate in a microwave safe bowl and cook in 30-second intervals until melted. Once melted, spoon the chocolate into a piping bag. I like to put the bag inside a cup to make it easier to fill. Snip off the tip of the bag and pipe out the zig zag pattern found on Charlie Brown’s shirt. If you’re not great at freehand, draw the design on the back of your wax paper beforehand. Allow candy to harden.
Step 2: Bake cupcakes according to package directions.
Step 3: Add a few drops of yellow food coloring to your icing and stir.
Step 4: Smooth icing on cupcakes and place a candy zig zag on each.
To make the Charlie Brown Pizzas:
  • Flatbread pizza crusts
  • Circle sandwich cutter
  • Pizza sauce
  • Mozzarella cheese – shredded
  • Black olives – drained
Step 1: Using your circle sandwich cutter, cut out circles from the pizza crust. My crust made 7 mini pizzas.
Step 2: Add sauce and mozzarella cheese. Next add olives cut into halves and quarters to make the face.
Step 3: Bake in a 350 degree over for 10-15 minutes or until cheese is melted.

Two easy recipes that won’t have you spending hours in the kitchen and will leave you with some really cute movie snacks!

Check out our video to see how easy it is to make these pizzas!

The Peanuts Movie was a hit with everyone in our family and I highly recommend it for your next movie night! The Peanuts Movie is out on now and specially marked packs come with a cute, limited edition Snoopy plush!
Don’t forget you can print out these Peanuts Movie Printables to add even more fun to your next movie night!
Now if you excuse me, I’m off to watch the movie again with my littles!
Have you seen The Peanuts Movie yet? What did you think?
Disclosure: As a FHE Insiders, I received a party pack with a copy of the movie. No other compensation was received. As always, all opinions are my own.


Wednesday 16th of March 2016

Incredible job with the goodies you made for your Peanuts Movie Night. I really liked the Charlie Brown mini-pizzas.

Censie Sawyer

Wednesday 16th of March 2016

What a fun party theme!! We loved that movie and plan on buying the DVD soon for a movie night with the kids.

Janeane Davis

Wednesday 16th of March 2016

This looks like a fun party! I have liked the Peanuts gang since I was a child and have enjoyed my children getting to know them.

khrista helfer

Wednesday 16th of March 2016

Looks like such a fun night. We haven't seen this movie yet so we'll have to have our own Peanuts Movie party! So cute

Cynthia Landrie

Tuesday 15th of March 2016

These pizzas are too cute! I have loved Charlie Brown for so long! I think all of the treats you have to honor the Charlie Brown theme are so wonderful. Even though my daughter is grown, I think she would still love these!