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Tips for Picking a Good Hotel Online

Tips for Picking a Good Hotel Online

The hotel you stay in can make or break your trip. Don’t book a hotel stay until you read these tips for picking a good hotel online.

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These tips will help you pick a good hotel for your next travel excursion. It’s much easier to book a hotel online these days, but with so many options how can you figure out which hotel is the right choice? While I can’t guarantee these tips will ensure a totally pleasant stay, I can say that the tips I’m sharing today will help you select a good hotel that has a higher chance for a successful stay than booking online without using my tips.

Tips for Picking a Good Hotel Online

Know What You Need

The first step to picking a good hotel online is to know what you need. If you’ve traveled frequently then you probably already know what type of amenities you must have, and what style hotel room will work best.  If not, you’ll want to sit down and make a list of must haves for your hotel room.

Are you traveling alone? You and your significant other? Traveling with kids? Do you need one room or would two work best for your family situation.

If you’re traveling with a large party does the hotel offer free breakfast? That’s one easy way to save money on your trip.

You’ll also want to look at the  star ranking for each hotel to determine what you will need and want in a good hotel.

Pick Your Top 3

While browsing the online hotel booking sites you may find a few different hotels that seem like a good option. Make a list of your favorites and then try to narrow it down to your top 3 hotels.

Evaluate each of them based on stars, service, amenities, and availability. You should also look at where your top 3 hotels are located in reference to various events and activities you plan to enjoy while on vacation.  You don’t want to end up staying at a great hotel far away from everything you want to do and see. 

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Check the Hotel’s Website

Once you’ve determined your top three good hotel options, go visit their website. The online hotel booking sites don’t always list every detail. It’s going to be important that you check out each of your top three hotel choices websites before booking your hotel stay.

Read the options, amenities, reviews from other travelers and added costs and so forth directly on the hotels’ websites. You might learn something new or decide that is not the hotel for you after all.

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Read Reviews with an Open Mind

All online hotel booking sites have a spot for customers to leave a review. Be sure to keep an open mind when reading the reviews of your top 3 hotel choices. People will often leave a review quickly after feeling angry or upset. You must keep reading every review possible so that you can get an overall feel for if this will be a good hotel to book or not.

Look for Discounts

There are always discounts and promotional codes online for most hotel booking sites. Be sure to review any options like a rewards program or discount codes that you can use once you’ve selected your best hotel option out of the three you originally wrote down. This may not help you with the good hotel choice, but it will help you save money on the cost of the best hotel for your next vacation.

There are many things to take into consideration and to look out for when you book a good hotel online. I hope that the tips I shared today have inspired you to pay closer attention to the online booking sites. You’ll surely have a higher success rate for booking a good hotel when you use my tips during your next vacation.

Happy traveling!