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Tips to Encourage Good Reading Habits at Home

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scholastic Store Online. All opinions are 100% mine.

Raising a reader isn’t always as easy as it seems, thankfully I’ve compiled some tips that have worked for my family and will hopefully help you on your journey to raising a reader.

Growing up you could always find me with a book in my hand. Whether it was a magazine about cats or a favorite chapter book, I never passed up an opportunity to read. So it was a little bit of a shock to me when my kids didn’t take to reading like I did. I always read to them, always let them see me with a book in my hand but they never just had that lust for reading like I did.

Naturally, I wanted my kids to share my love of reading. While it didn’t come as easy with my oldest, my daughter seems to share that same love of reading after I made some changes in our home.

To help encourage both of my kids to read, I turned to these tricks to help them love to read.


Create a little reading space somewhere in the house. It could be a little corner of your child’s bedroom or living room. I created a space in their playroom and in my living room.

I just picked up two comfy cushions and a bin for their favorite books. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just a little quiet space to relax with a good book.


I loved History ( and still do) and one of favorite books were historical pieces or books about events in history. I also love cats and my very first magazine subscription was Cat Fancy magazine when I was maybe 10. I saved my money and ordered that magazine myself and eagerly read every issue.

With my son, his interests were Legos and video games so to encourage more reading from him, I made sure he had books around those topics.

My daughter loves cats and dogs so I know any book about a cat or dog will immediately have her interest.


Keeping books handy and accessible, will have your kids reaching for books more often than not. I keep a book bin in every room of the house.

Some geared to my oldest and plenty for my youngest. When they’re bored of playing or just want to wind down, a good book isn’t very far.


My kids LOVED getting mail or packages so I knew ordering books in the mail was one way to get them excited for new books. Scholastic Store Online has an amazing array of books just a click away.

Their wide selection of books for Pre-K on up means you’ll always find a great book that your kids will want to read.

“88% of kids say they are more likely to finish a book they choose themselves”

Sit down with your child and go through the book choices together in the Scholastic Store Online. Then make a list of all the new books they’re excited about or would like to read then order a package to be delivered just to them.

Then sit back and watch their face light up when their new box of books arrive.

Here are a few of the books my daughter is loving right now:


While I don’t want to encourage reading a certain amount of books for a new toy or anything along those lines, a little reward goes a long way.

Try setting a reading goal and pick a simple reward like going out for ice cream or a new book from the Scholastic Store Online. Save 10% on your purchase with code DAWN10 when you click HERE!