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5 Reasons the Toyota Highlander is the Perfect Road Trip Vehicle

5 Reasons the Toyota Highlander is the Perfect Road Trip Vehicle

When you’re hitting the road on a road trip, your vehicle plays an important part in that journey. Here are 5 reasons the Toyota Highlander is the perfect road trip vehicle to travel safely and comfortably.

toyota highlander with mountains in background

With so many trips that were cancelled or rescheduled due to the pandemic, it’s safe to say I’ve been overly excited to get back on the road and explore. Even before the the world shut down, road trips were still one of my favorite ways to travel. Sure flying is easier at times but in my opinion nothing beats a good old fashioned road trip. When Toyota reached out about hitting the road in the 2019 Toyota Highlander for some fun, I knew I couldn’t say no. I spent plenty of time researching the perfect spot to not only get out and enjoy nature but somewhere we could really get a feel for this mid-size SUV.

So where did we end up? The beautiful state of New Hampshire where we went glamping at Huttopia. 

Tent at Huttopia

While I love being outdoors, camping isn’t really all that appealing to me. I did it once when my son was in Cub Scouts and it wasn’t something I ever wanted to do again. 

But glamping on the other hand, I’ll never turn down. If you’re not familiar with glamping, summed up in a few words it’s where nature and the idea of camping meet modern luxury. Or as luxurious as you can get in the middle of the woods. 

White Mountains in NH

I had a few qualifications for this Toyota road trip. It had to be somewhere I knew we’d all have fun. Somewhere we could still be around people but safely distance as well and most of all somewhere that would put the Toyota Highlander to the test.

The moment I came across Hutttopia, situated in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, I knew I found it. I fell in love with the photos and even if I never left the campground, I’d be pretty happy. 

girl standing next to toyota highlander in the white mountains

Since it was a 7+ hour drive from New Jersey I knew it would be the perfect chance to really get a feel for the Toyota Highlander and what long haul trips would be like in this mid-sized SUV. 

Well, I can confidently say this SUV exceeded my expectations and then some.  Even the kids loved it more than most cars we’ve road tripped in. In fact the five year scream Toyota every single time she sees a Highlander on the road. It made than much of an impression on her. 

Whether you’re in the market for a comfortable mid-sized SUV or the perfect one for all your family road trips, the Toyota Highlander is top notch.

So let’s talk about why it’s so great.


That’s right 8 people. With the 3rd row this mid-sized SUV can play with the big dogs when it comes to seating. If you have a larger family and don’t want the expensive price tag of a full sized SUV then this is the perfect vehicle for you.

2nd row seats in Toyota Highlander

Now let me make clear, my son is 6ft and growing and I’m 5’8 (with a bad back) and there is no way we were getting in that third row.  That might be my only bad thing I could say about this SUV. And let’s be honest, it’s not a bad thing. It’s a mid-sized SUV there just isn’t going to be that much space back there but for kids, it’s perfect. 

3rd row seating Toyota Highlander

And to be sure, I took my nephews out for ice cream to test my theory. They’re 10 & 13 and fit back there perfectly.

With the 3rd row in use, it does diminish the trunk space as expected so if you’re hitting the road in one, you’re going to need a cargo top carrier or you’ll just have to pack light.  


No matter what type of vehicle you’re looking at, safety is a top priority in most shopper’s minds. In fact, it tops the list in mind. Hitting the road for a long road trip, I felt extremely comfortable at all times in the Toyota Highlander.

Toyota Highlander with mountains in background


Toyota Safety Sense™, a bundle of active safety features designed to help protect all the passengers from harm comes standard on the Highlander (and other models). These innovative features were designed to help protect you and your passengers from harm and include:

  • Pre-collision system with pedestrian detection
  • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control
  • Lane Departure Alert
  • Automatic High Beams
  • Lane Tracing Assist
  • Road Sign Assist

These features are all included at no extra cost. Learn more about Toyota Safety Sense here

Trunk of Toyota Highlander


With an array of options, the Toyota Highlander is one of the most comfortable and convenient, vehicles I’ve traveled in in a long time and I don’t say that lightly. I can’t drive to the Target around the corner in my luxury SUV without my back aching when I get there. No lie. It’s one of my biggest complaints to my husband. That and just how overwhelmingly big it feels to drive.

Not with the Toyota Highlander. 7 hours in a vehicle is a long time and I expected my back to pretty painful when we arrived so imagine my surprise when I stepped out of the car feeling perfectly fine.  

First there’s the power and heated seats, I mean can you even buy a car without these nowadays? I don’t recommend it. Front and 2nd row heated seats were perfect for those chilly New Hampshire mornings and nights. 

Then theres the eight (8), yes eight, cupholders and four (4) bottle holders to keep those coffee and drinks neatly stored to avoid any messes from accidental spills. If you have kids and they drink in the car, you know all about this. Now there’s a cupholder for everyone.

And on the chance that the kids do spill something the two 12 volt outlets can power a handle vacuum to quickly clean it up.

If the kids get sleepy, and we all know they eventually will, the Highlander comes equipped with second-row sunshades and optimized sound-dampening/ soundproofing materials that can almost guarantee and nap and a break from all the “are we there yet” comments from the back seat.


 The Highlander has plenty of features to stay connected and entertained. The large touch display on the dash lets you easily move from the road 

Stay charged and connected four USB ports and Qi wireless charger no matter how many hours you’re on the road. 

dash of Toyota Highlander


With seating for 8, numerous safety features and a level of comfort I haven’t experienced in a vehicle in a long time, it’s a great bargain with a starting price of $34,600. The model we test drove comes in at $44,498.00 significantly less than what we paid for my SUV and honestly, I loved the Highlander 100x more. 

Toyota Highlander in NH


Summed up the Toyota Highlander makes you feel like you’re driving a luxury SUV without that expensive price tag that comes along with it. The stylish interior, latest options, leather seats and seating for 8 gives you everything you’ll need. 

Learn all about the Toyota Highlander online or visit your local Toyota Highlander dealer.