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Traveling with a Newly Potty Trained Toddler

Traveling with a Newly Potty Trained Toddler

When it comes to potty training, I thought the second time around would be a breeze. When I potty trained my son, it was simple. Based on the recommendation of a friend, I tried that 3-day method and it was so simple! He potty trained just like that and we never looked back. Thinking potty training number 2 would be easy was my first mistake. I thought I’d breeze through it a second time with the 3-day method and bam! No more diapers. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Potty training a headstrong toddler was something I wasn’t prepared for. At all. Once we finally had it down, it was  time to travel with this new found freedom. That was something else I needed to prepare myself for.


I kept a change of clothes in a ziplock bag right in my trunk when we started potty training. You can’t predict when they might have an accident and if it happened, I was prepared. This held true for our road trips. I kept the change of clothes right inside the portable potty I brought along with us. For our most recent trip, a five hour flight to Vancouver, I kept a change of clothes and a ziplock bag inside my purse on the plane. Even though she’s been potty trained all year, staying prepared is key!

Traveling with a Newly Potty Trained Toddler


We have several potty chairs at home since we had to go through a few before we found one she actually wanted to use.  When we head out on road trips, I bring the potty along with us. In fact, one stays in my car at all times. Sometimes it’s easier to use the potty this way than finding a rest stop. Plus it’s great for hotel stays too. It’s easier for her to use her potty than some hotel ones. Obviously, if you’re flying a potty chair isn’t practical, but fold-up potty seats are great for that.


Just as they master potty training at home, you’re headed out on the road. Sound familiar? Or maybe you have a trip coming up and you’re nervous about heading out with your newly potty trained toddler. Bring along the things they know. Bring your portable potty with you. Talk about the trip and when you’ll use the potty on the road or talk about how they get to use a new bathroom at the hotel.

Traveling with a Newly Potty Trained Toddler


On travel day, this is important. My little one thinks public restrooms are stops on our travel tour. She just has to check them out! (Where’s my eye roll emoji when I need it?) So I do my best to limit her drinks on the road and on the plane. A couple sips to quench her thirst and then we’re good.


Even when they say they don’t have to, have them try! My daughter is queen of this. All I hear is “No Mommy, I don’t have to go”. But sure enough, every time I have her sit down to just try, she really does have to go. So depending on how long our road trip is, we’ll make it a point or two to stop. If we’re flying before we board and as soon as we land, we try to go.

Traveling with a Newly Potty Trained Toddler


When your toddler graduates to the potty, gone are the days of using baby wipes. Kandoo Flushable Wipes are an important part of our potty training journey, and they come with us on all our trips. The container is perfect for packing right in my purse or carry-on bag and they go right to the bathroom when we arrive at the hotel. Kandoo Flushable Wipes are great for cleaning little booties better than toilet paper alone – they clean up to 30% better!

Potty training is all about independence so using a wipe that helps give them the independence they need only makes sense.

Traveling with a Newly Potty Trained Toddler

How many times a day do you hear your toddler exclaim, “No, I do it! I do it”? I hear it all day long in my house and that’s a good thing. I want her to be independent and do things for herself.

Thankfully, the Kandoo team has found a way to give toddlers the independence they crave while making life a little easier on parents. The new Kandoo Flushable Wipes Tub has been re-designed for those little toddler hands, excited to take care of themselves.

The features of the new Kandoo Flushable Wipes Tub were informed by 3 years of consumer research among both parents and children. Its new features include:

  • A spring action, Pop & Lock lid – easy to push and a snap to use with little hands!
  • Improved locking technology to help seal in moisture and keep wipes fresh
  • Wipes pop-up one at a time
  • An anti-slip base to help keep the tub in place

Traveling with a Newly Potty Trained Toddler

Kandoo Flushable Wipes are biodegradable, hypoallergenic and clean up to 30% better than toilet paper. They come in a variety of sizes for value and convenience. There’s even a 42 count travel pack perfect to take on the go if you don’t want to bring along the tub!

Kandoo understands that promoting independence and personal hygiene during childhood is critical in building a healthy lifestyle, which is echoed by their free online resources and product offerings: Flushable Wipes for potty training and a variety of bath & body products for children including Hand Soap, Body Wash & Shampoo, Bubble Bath and Detangler.

You can find the Kandoo Flushable Wipes Tub at Target and Kroger.

Traveling with a Newly Potty Trained Toddler

No matter where you’re headed, don’t let the fear of traveling with a newly potty trained or potty training child hold you back! With a few modifications to your travel experience, everything should go great and you’ll create family memories that will last a lifetime!