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The Must Have Gift for Any Gamer on Your List – Turtle Beach Recon 200

The Must Have Gift for Any Gamer on Your List - Turtle Beach Recon 200

When you have a gamer and a wannabe gamer (in this case me) in the house, things like video games, controllers and headsets become household talk. Shopping for said accessories has even been a great way for me to bond and spent some quality time with my teen. When the key to his heart is video games, shopping for video game accessories definitely puts him in a happy mood. Thankfully he’s become quite the expert in this field and he’s schooling his mama on how to become a force in the gaming world. Or at least a force in this gaming house. The first tip?  He won’t let me settle for a pair of cheap headphones. In his words, if I want to be the best, I need to play with the best.  Fair enough. His choice for gaming headphones – the Turtle Beach Recon 200. After playing a few rounds of Fortnite, I can see why.

This post is sponsored by Turtle Beach. All opinions are my own. 

Turtle Beach Recon 200

Growing up, I was always the gamer in the family. I remember getting my Nintendo for Christmas from my grandparents one year and how Super Mario Brothers became my favorite thing ever. My friends and I would call each other from our sharing tips and bragging about how many levels be beat.

Fast forward to today and the kids are talking to each other through their video games. Crazy!

Turtle Beach Recon 200

For my teen, it’s a way for him to stay connect with some of his friends and cousins. Who would have thought that video games could connect you with people the way they do today.

But having a good quality pair of headphones is imperative to that. It’s a must for some of the games he plays and the louder the better.

Turtle Beach Recon 200

That’s why he loves the Turtle Beach Recon 200. The powerful amplified audio with enhanced bass really brings the sounds to life making you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action. With the Bass Boost you won’t just hear the bass, you’ll fell it!

The Recon 200 comes with a rechargeable battery that delivers 12+ hours of gaming per use. There’s even onboard controls for Master Volume, Variable Mic Monitoring, and for selecting between Xbox One and PS4TM.

Turtle Beach Recon 200

Speaking of Xbox One, the Recon 200 are surround sound ready for playing on this system.

You don’t have to use the Recon 200 just for gaming either. While they’re designed for the Xbox One and PS4, they also work great with the Nintendo Switch, your PC and even mobile devices. They’re his go-to headphones for road trips too now.

The high-snesitivyt mic picks up the sound of your voice nice and clear and  the mic easily flips up to mute when you need to.

Turtle Beach Recon 200

Louder is better! Immerse yourself in your games with the Recon 200’s powerful amplified audio with enhanced bass. Whether you play on Xbox One or PS4TM the Turtle Beach® Recon 200 gaming headset delivers high-quality game sound and crystal- clear chat through its 40mm speakers and high-sensitivity flip-to-mute mic.

The Turtle Beach Recon 200 retails for $59.95 and can be purchased at and Amazon. These make a great gift idea for any gamer in your family.