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10 Unique Disney Autograph Book Ideas

Looking for unique Disney autograph book ideas that won’t sit around and collect dust? Check out these 13 unique Disney autograph book ideas!

Unique Disney Autograph Book Ideas


As I was cleaning out my son’s room a few weeks ago, I came across a neat little stack of Disney autograph books. Each one filled with autographs that we acquired on trips over the years. Each trip, we filled up those books with as many autographs as they’d hold. So we had to get a new one each trip. They were cute and he loved getting them signed but we never, ever, looked at them again after that trip. They were put on a bookshelf in his room to collect dust over the years. So when it came to our trip for DisneySMMC, I knew I wanted to find something different for Evie. She loves the characters and I knew she’d love to collect their autographs but I wanted to use something that she’d use again. Something that we’d look at well past our trip and hopefully get plenty of use out of. Two days before our trip, she picked out a book to read before bed and brough it over to me, it was one of her Disney Little Golden Books. That’s when it hit me, this is what I’ll use to collect autographs for her. If you’re anything like me and don’t want a useless stack of autograph books laying around, here are 13   unique Disney autograph book ideas.

Unique Disney Autograph Book IdeasSince we only had a Sofia book, I hopped onto Amazon to look for some more titles I could add for our trip. They had so many to pick from, so I ordered the ones that I knew we’d see characters for and shipped them right to my hotel. I love having that option especially since it was so close to our trip!

Unique Disney Autograph Book Ideas

They’re lightweight and not very big so they easily fit the backpack we carried around the park. I bought a big chunky pen to make it easy for the characters to sign their name and it was the best thing I’ve ever done.

Unique Disney Autograph Book Ideas

She proudly carried her little book to meet the characters or she had her big brother help her.

Unique Disney Autograph Book Ideas

They each signed the book in the front cover and she’s taking turns reading each one every night.

Unique Disney Autograph Book Ideas

I even printed out a photograph of her getting the book signed by each character on her HP Sprocket to stick inside the cover. This way it doubled as a photo autograph book and she’d have something to look at to remind her of her of the trip. You can use a regular photo for this part too but I love that the Sprocket prints right on sticky paper so I can stick it right inside the book.

Unique Disney Autograph Book Ideas

She gets such a kick out of showing us her “signed” books and they’re all she wants to read since she got home.

Unique Disney Autograph Book Ideas

If you’re looking for a unique way to grab autographs while you’re in Disney, here are a few of my favorite ideas:

Disney Little Golden Books

As you can tell these have been such a hit! The characters loved signing them and we’ve been back to Disney three times since this article was originally published and each and every time, this is what we’ve used! Not only has it grown her storybook collection but we have an autograph book that we’ll actually use!


Make a DIY bookmark to get signed. Laminate it when you get home for a fun souvenir.

Canvas Tote Bag

Bring a canvas tote bag into the park or to your character dinners and have each character sign it. Make sure it’s a bag you know will get plenty of use later. Just make sure to bring canvas markers with you.

Cardboard letter

Bring a cardboard letter of your child’s initial and have each character sign it. Then you can display it in their room when they get home. These are lightweight and would be pretty easy to carry in a bag around the parks.

Photo frame mat

This is another favorite idea of mine and I plan on trying it on our next trip. Bring a plain white photo frame mat and have the characters sign it. Then when you get home, print out one of your favorite photos from the trip and place the mat around it. You’ll have an instant souvenir that you can’t help but smile at when you walk by.

Pillow Case

This is another fun idea. Bring a plain pillowcase and some fabric marker for the characters to sign.

Unbreakable Christmas Balls

We have a Disney themed tree every year and pick out an ornament from each of our trips to commemorate it. This idea is so much more fun! Pick up some unbreakable Christmas balls and have each character sign one. When Christmas rolls around, you’ll have a unique souvenir to decorate your tree.


Collect autographs on a t-shirt that the kids can wear all year long,.


Traveling with kids means we usually have a backpack with us in the park. Find a light colored bag and some bright color fabric markers and have the characters sign this. Now every time you use this backpack, you’re reminded of your amazing trip.

Disney Character Encyclopedia

Another book I’ve seen people bring is the Disney Character Encyclopedia and each character signs their designated page. The only downside is this book is big and could be a little heavy to carry around the parks.

Unique Disney Autograph Book Ideas

Unique Disney Autograph Book Ideas

Any of these ideas are perfect for collecting autographs throughout the parks and even Disney Cruise Line and hopefully won’t just sit on a shelf over the years.

These are all ideas that you can actually use all the time have a fun and unique reminder of your magical trip to Disney!

So tell me, what are some of your favorite ways to collect autographs from the characters when you visit the parks? I’d. love to hear your favorites!


10 Unique Disney Autograph Book Ideas

10 Unique Disney Autograph Book Ideas

Unique Disney Autograph Book Ideas

Cassandra D

Thursday 12th of April 2018

Really great ideas.

Cynthia C

Friday 6th of April 2018

What a great idea! I like that every time the book is read it's a reminder of a nice family vacation.


Thursday 5th of April 2018

Now that is unique. I have seen lots of things signed but never those Little Golden Books. I love how kids can relive the memories every time they read the book.


Thursday 5th of April 2018

It's such a fun souvenir. My little one loves reading them and seeing her autographs!

Rebecca Bryant

Wednesday 4th of April 2018

These are awesome. I love unique ideas for gifts and suvinior for trips.


Thursday 5th of April 2018

They make such great souvenirs.

Clarissa Laskey

Sunday 1st of April 2018

These ideas are so great, especially the Disney Little Golden Book one. I have so many of those from when I was a kid. What a great way to make them keepsakes.


Thursday 5th of April 2018

They're such a special keepsake.