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Walt Disney World & Halloween

The title says it all!  I don’t think anything could be better than Disney World & Halloween, two of my favorite things!   Well, except for maybe Christmas at Disney World and one of these days I will get there for that but for now I am so excited that our trip is right around the corner!!    We have been going to Disney World for the last six years for Halloween.   I love seeing the park decorated with the pumpkins and the fall colors, it is absolutely beautiful!    
One thing that is always on our agenda is Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!  If you have never been to it you are missing out on a amazingly fun time!    It is a must do on all of our trips.  We skipped it one year and I regretted it the whole trip!   There are so many amazing reasons why this is a must attend event.  First you have the special fireworks and parade with the Headless Horseman, the special characters that only come out for this event, the rides (most with little to no wait time) and of course the trick or treating!  We get so much candy it’s obscene but we have a great time doing it!    Take a look at the event map below and see all the fun offering at this event.

For the past few years, we have gone as pirates…but this year we want to change it up a bit….we had our costume theme all picked out  – Star Wars – my hubby and son got their costumes and we thought we were good, but then they decided that they didn’t want to be stuck carrying their helmet/masks around so back to the drawing board I go!  Considering our trip is right around the corner I don’t have much time to come up with an idea……I was thinking of ghosts or zombie pirates maybe…..maybe even a mummy!  Well wish me luck, I’m off to look for some costumes for this years party!!
Have a great day!