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Ways to Save on Your Next Road Trip

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Ways to Save on Your Next Road Trip

Lately we’ve been enjoying more and more road trips up and down the east coast. My wife likes to plan adventures that are both educational for the kids and fun for all of us. Growing up, the only traveling we really did was to Puerto Rico to visit family and the occasional road trip to visit the few family members who didn’t live in the neighborhood near us. So I’m enjoying the travel experiences just as much as the kids are and look forward to each and every trip. 

Growing up, we may not have traveled very often but I did do a lot of fishing with my dad. He instilled in me the love of fishing that he had growing up and it’s my hope to do the same with my kids. My oldest is already hooked and my daughter is starting to enjoy it just as much. It’s a great way for me to unwind and spend time with my familia.

Ways to Save on Your Next Road Trip

So where ever the road takes us, my wife always trys to find a little fishing spot for us to try out.

Ways to Save on Your Next Road Trip

Like our latest trip to Washington, fishing was the last thing I thought we’d be doing but was surprised to see there were plenty of spots right in the city to enjoy a little quality time fishing and trying out the new lures we picked up before the trip.



You’ll need to figure out if you need a fishing license, where you’ll be fishing and if there are entrance fees to the beach or park. But also the route you’ll take to get there. Take into consideration any road work going on (if you know the area) and shortest ways to get there.


Here in New Jersey, salt-water fishing is free (you still need a license) but there is a fee for fresh-water fishing. When we head out of state, I make sure to look into each states regulations and where to pick up a fishing license once we arrive. Getting caught without one can result in some pretty hefty fines so make sure you’re following the rules. Keep an eye our for when your state (or the state you’re visiting) hold free fishing days. It’s a great way to save on that fishing license.


On just about every road trip, as soon as we hit the road, the cries of “I’m hungry” or “can we get snacks” start. To avoid stopping for food or snacks along the way – and spending a small fortune while we’re at it – we pack plenty of snacks and drinks for the ride there, while we’re there and the ride home.


If you’re planning on an overnight trip, using a reward card is a great way to earn points for future travel or save on the trip you have planned. If we use our reward card, we only use it for the trip and pay it off the next month to earn the points. The points can be used for future trips you have planned or a spur of the moment adventure.


Whatever vehicle you use for your roadtrips, it’s imperative to take care of it to avoid costly repairs down the line. My dad taught me  importance of keeping up with oil changes and other regular maintenance on my cars and that’s stuck with me over the years. So before we head out on any road trip, I check the basics like wiper fluid, whether the car needs an oil change, etc.

Ways to Save on Your Next Road Trip

If it’s time for an oil change  I like to change the oil on the cars myself and I’m even teaching my wife how to do it. Working on my cars myself is another great way to save money. Since Walmart is my go-to destination for our DIY auto care necessities, I headed there to pick up everything I needed to change the oil including the Quaker State® Ultimate Durability™ Full Synthetic Motor Oil. I purchased the 5 qt version at Walmart on rollback for a great everyday low price of $20.24.

Ways to Save on Your Next Road Trip

Quaker State gives me peace of mind knowing I’m keeping my car well maintained with quality oil products I can trust. Did you know that Quaker State is a top-selling brand in Latin American and with Latinos in the USA? Whenever I mention Quaker State, it’s a brand my family instantly recognizes.

Ways to Save on Your Next Road Trip

Ways to Save on Your Next Road Trip

But there are times we don’t and in those instances we love the the affordabiliity  of the Walmart Auto Center. We can get the Pit Crew Oil change for only $19.88. It’s a great choice for when we’re pressed for time or he just wants someone else to do it for once. Whatever way you decide to change your oil, Walmart can save you time and money.

Ways to Save on Your Next Road Trip

While you’re getting your oil changed or picking up your supplies head on over to the fishing department and grab a few lures and other supplies you might need to catch. The prices are much cheaper than what you’ll pay when you arrive wherever your’re going.

Ways to Save on Your Next Road Trip



Monday 25th of September 2017

Thanks for the tips, especially the one about using rewards for hotels and such. That’s a great way to save on a trip!