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5 Reasons Xfinity Mobile is Perfect for Teens

5 Reasons Xfinity Mobile is Perfect for Teens

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Xfinity Mobile. All opinions are my own. 

5 Reasons Xfinity Mobile is Perfect for Teens

It’s hard to believe that in a little over a week, I’m going to be the mom of a teenager. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was pregnant with him and now he’s going to be thirteen. Thirteen is a milestone birthday and when I asked my soon-to-be teenager what he wanted for his birthday, without hesitation he said a cell phone. Truthfully, I’m surprised he didn’t push the issue earlier. His dad and I agreed that now was the perfect time for his first phone. There was no question where I was going for his first phone – Xfinity Mobile.

5 Reasons Xfinity Mobile is Perfect for Teens

I was sold on the service when I visited Xfinity back in October and we learned a little about it. Truthfully, my husband and I are just waiting for our contracts with our current carrier to expire the end of this month so we can switch to Xfinity Mobile too.

5 Reasons Xfinity Mobile is Perfect for Teens

Cell phone ownership is a big responsibility and we didn’t want Ry to have a phone before he was truly ready. And I didn’t want the added expense of adding another line of service to our current contracts. Since we knew he wanted a smartphone, there was automatically going to be a line access fee, the phone fee plus the monthly service and we were already up to at least $70+. That’s not something I was ready to pay out for a teen phone.

5 Reasons Xfinity Mobile is Perfect for Teens

Once we agreed it was time, we headed to our local Xfinity store to sign him up. The knowledgeable staff took time with him to go over all the different phone options, answer any questions he had and helped him set up his new phone before we even left the store. He picked the iPhone XE and couldn’t be more thrilled with his new phone and I couldn’t be happier with the prices and the service we received.

5 Reasons Xfinity Mobile is Perfect for Teens

With Xfinity Mobile, his new line of service, date and his new iPhone XE is only $28 per month! Not a bad deal in my opinion.

5 Reasons Xfinity Mobile is Perfect for Teens

If you’re thinking of getting a cell phone for your teen, here are 7 reasons to consider Xfinity Mobile:


Xfinity Mobile is the nation’s first wireless service combining America’s largest, most reliable 4G LTE network with Comcast’s 18 million WiFi hotspots to provide customers with a better wireless experience, for less money, on today’s most popular devices.


Xfinity Mobile offers simple, straightforward data options that include up to five lines with unlimited nationwide talk and text, no line access fees and 100MB of shared data. The plans are designed to save you money since you only pay for the gigabytes of data that you use. Pay by the gig is $12 per gig or if you use a lot of data like I do, then you can pay for the unlimited plan which is $45.

5 Reasons Xfinity Mobile is Perfect for Teens


Xfinity Mobile has all the latest phones to fit any budget including the new iPhone 8 & iPhone X as well as the newest Samsung phones.


The Xfinity Mobile app is a great way to teach teens responsibility. With the app you can

  • View data usage
  • Set up data notifications
  • View current activity and past account statements
  • Manage account settings and individual lines
  • Make payments on your Device Payment Plan
  • Contact Xfinity Mobile Specialists

While I’m glad I can do so much through the app, my teen may not need access to all these features. What he can benefit from is the ability to track his data usage. This was he can see if he’s going through his data too quick and he can make adjustments to his usage. We put him on the 1-gig/$12 plan. Since he’ll be at home most of the time he’s using his phone, he shouldn’t need more than that and with the app, he can easily track himself and make sure he stays on track.


Let’s face it. Kids will be kids and even with a great phone case and all the rules followed, things can still happen.  The Xfinity Mobile Protection Plan costs only $12 a month and includes Apple Care (we went with an iPhone for him) plus it covers the phone if it’s lost, stolen or suffers water damage. It’s an affordable price to pay for peace of mind.


  • Millions of Xfinity WiFi hotspots
  • Personalized customer support including 24/7 customer support via text message, hundreds of retail store locations for in-person demo and care, and 24/7 support available from dedicated Xfinity Mobile call center support
  • Flexibility for families to mix-and-match on an account so each person can choose the way to pay for data that makes sense for them
  • No penalties for switching back-and-forth between data options at no cost
  • Xfinity Mobile app to easily manage your account in real-time
  • Access to the most popular devices from Samsung including the Samsung Galaxy Note8,  as well as the latest phones from Apple including the new generation iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X (hint, hint Santa! Mama wants this under the tree) which are also currently available at Xfinity Stores and at

5 Reasons Xfinity Mobile is Perfect for Teens

If you’re just looking for a more affordable wireless carrier or have a teen ready for their first phone, check out Xfinity Mobile and see how much you can save.



Tuesday 12th of December 2017

Xfinity sounds like a brilliant network provider. I think it's so important to have one you can trust where teens are concerned :)

Louise x


Tuesday 12th of December 2017

I didn't know xfinity had a mobile service! I'd save so much on my phone plan with this service.


Tuesday 12th of December 2017

We're about there with my kiddo, so I appreciate these tips! I can't believe it's time for a phone already!

Rebecca Bryant

Tuesday 12th of December 2017

Oh wow first off you are way too young to have a teen boy. Second, the more I read about Xifinty the more I like what I heard. totally checking into this for my teen boy.

Tiffany Khyla

Tuesday 12th of December 2017

Oh my goodness! I can only imagine how it must feel for him to be becoming a teenager! Getting a phone for a teen is a huge deal for the parent and the child, so it's great that you've taken the time to consider your options and choose what works best. I remember when I got my first phone (it wasn't until I was 15). I was so excited! Phones are so much more advanced now though, not like my little Nokia with the snake game on it.