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Fun Ways to Give the Gift of The New Jersey Lottery This Holiday Season

Fun Ways to Give the Gift of The New Jersey Lottery This Holiday Season

This is a sponsored post with New Jersey Lottery. All opinions are my own.

Nj Lottery Gift ideas

With a holiday season like no other upon us, finding the perfect gift for those on your holiday shopping list is important. No matter what your special gift may be adding a little extra holiday magic is easy with Scratch-Offs from New Jersey Lottery! Whether you add them to as a topper to a special present or stuff a lucky recipient’s stocking full of them, one thing is for sure. Holiday Scratch-Off tickers from New Jersey Lottery are sure to make the holidays a little more magical! 

This holiday season, the New Jersey Lottery is introducing 4 new Holiday Scratch-Offs at any local Lottery retailer. This year you can find: 

  • $1, $2, $5 Happy Holidays
  • $10 $1,00,000 Spectacular


holiday scratch-offs from nj lottery

These Holiday themed games are fun, festive, and appropriate for anybody over 18 to be given as a holiday gesture to say I’m thinking of you, a fun stocking stuffer, or even a party favor.

With Scratch-Offs it’s like you get 3 experiences in one! They offer the wonder of a wrapped gift, the entertainment of a game experience and the potential for a large cash payout! No wrapping required so they are easy to give or send.

So maybe you don’t just want to hand over a few lottery tickets. Maybe you’re looking to spruce up that gift or just want to add a little something more. 
Well you’re in luck, I have some FUN ways you can give the gift of NJ Lottery for the Holidays! 

DIY Christmas Centerpiece / Hostess Gift with NJ Lottery Scratch-Offs

NJ lottery ticket gift idea

Give a gift that can be used year after year with a touch of fun, thanks to Holiday Scratch-Offs from the New Jersey Lottery! I created this cute this Christmas Village using serving tray, some bottle brush Christmas trees and a cute Christmas Village type building complete with a battery operated tea light.

Give the Gift of the New Jersey Lottery this holiday season!

All of these pieces can be used year after year and make a great gift or hostess gift for anyone on your list.

decorating with nj lottery tickets

I took the holiday Scratch-Offs from the New Jersey Lottery and decorated the metal building.

Give the Gift of the New Jersey Lottery this holiday season!

Then I covered the bottom of the tray with cotton for a snow effect.

Give the Gift of the New Jersey Lottery this holiday season!

I put the house in the center and decorated with with the bottle brush trees and a few ornaments. I secured them to the tray with tape but a little hot glue would work too.  

Give the Gift of the New Jersey Lottery this holiday season!

Holiday Scratch-Offs from The New Jersey Lottery Make a Fashionable Gift

Adding Holiday Scratch-Offs from The New Jersey Lottery make a great addition to a fun gift like a cute clutch or wristlet. Find a cute accessory or better yet, DIY your own, and fill it with ssome scratch-offs! 

nj lottery tickets in a purse

I picked up a few of these cute little Rainy Day Fund pouches for a few friends on my shopping list and I’m stuffing them full of the Holiday Scratch-Offs. 

lottery tickets and a purse

This is probably one of the easiest gifts to put together and perfect for those last minute gifts. Just grab a cute case and stuff it with some holiday magic from The New Jersey Lottery! 

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar with New Jersey Lottery Holiday Games

Advent calendars or Christmas countdown calendars are all the rage. I’ve seen an array of designs that count down the 25 Days of Christmas or even just the 12 days of Christmas. So you can totally get creative here and and do either. 

With Scratch-Off Tickets starting at just $1, you can create an Advent Calendar to fit your budget. This would be great for the older teens still living at home (remember 18 & older only) or some holiday fun for your spouse! 

I went with a 12 Days of Christmas theme on this one. To recreate this holiday design you’ll need:

  • 12 different Holiday Scratch-Off tickets from The New Jersey Lottery
  • String  or thick ribbon
  • Decorative Clips 
  • Bow for the top
  • Tape

Step 1: Take the ribbon and tape it to he wall in a tree pattern. 

Step 2: Stick a giant bow at the top

Step 3: Clip the Holiday Scratch-Offs throughout the tree design

Then each day, remove one from the “tree” and see of you’re a big winner! 

You can even make this as a gift for someone who may not live with you. For Step 1, just design it on a large piece of foam board, wood or even metal to make it portable! 


These fun and festive holiday Scratch-Offs can be found at any brick and mortar Lottery retailer like 7-eleven, Quick Check, WaWa and more.


Giving the gift of holiday Scratch-Offs is a simple and stress-free way to cross those gifts off your shopping list. Typically we celebrate Christmas Eve at my mom’s house and each year I bring a fun hostess gift for her hosting.

While this year’s celebration may not be happening, I still want to give her something to bring a smile to her face. So the Christmas Village gift will be for her. And next year she can use the pieces to decorate her Christmas Eve celebration.

nj lottery tickets

For all my friends who’ve been there for me this year, I’m dropping off these little purses filled with some treats and the Holiday  Scratch Offs as a little Secret Santa type gift. I’ll make a special delivery to their house before Christmas to hopefully bring s smile to their faces.

Hopefully, I’ll make someone a lucky winner this holiday season! 


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You must be 18 or older to buy a lottery ticket. The New Jersey Lottery reminds players, it’s only a game…remember to play responsibly. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, call 1-800-GAMBLER®. For more information visit New Jersey Lottery and see the NJ Lottery Privacy Policy